Ask the magic 8 ball anything

Ask the magic 8 ball anything

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Will I die a virgin?

Will my testicles grow to be the size of tennis balls

Does Hilary wants to have sex with me?

will i get the job that im working for 8ball?

>will i get the job that im working for 8ball?

Looks like user is getting laid tonight.

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am i fooked?

Should I?

Is everyone in this thread, including me, going to die within the next 10 minutes?

Am I beautiful?

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will i bang andi?

how about Rebecca?

Will i make it as an engineer?

Will I lose weight?

will we start dating?


how about Sara?

does she have any sort of feelings for me?


Is it true that traps are gay? Like, for real?

Am i going to die due to prostate cancer after 1year of nofap?

Will I find a new job I'm actually competent at soon?

Do me and Sylvia work things out?

Should I move to another country and start over?

Dose she end up fucking her life up w drugs and booze?

will she come back to me?

Will i do it again?

How about Andi now?

Should I be a girl my next D&D campaign

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Should this user cheat on his GF

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Huh time for a meal of cooked arms

Will i get with qt chan?

will I fuck this weekend?

thank you ball

will we end up being together/getting serious?

should i kill myself????

Steady job soon?

Will I win the lottery jackpot?

Steady job soon???

In Kazakhstan.

Will I ever be happy?

Will I ever die?

This thing has been wrong about almost everything until now. I've stopped asking questions.

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do I fit the role perfectly

should I try something new because it’s what I was meant for all along?

will i ever get a nice boyfriend

Is my lost soul going straight to hell?

am i gonna shit myself in the near future

Will T or H date me?

Should I try hooking up with Leigh?

Should I simp kristin

Will Moriah come back?

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reroll for fucks sake

Is OP a fag

can I make myself a shit sandwich