Why do white woman have sex dogs

why do white woman have sex dogs

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Those are therapy dogs.

scooby doo

Because white men can't satisfy them.

Yeah, only ONE skin-color engages in bestiality.
Lovely Blue Pill world some people live in, ain't it?

Dogs won't bang a negress because they would get charged with bestiality.

why not

White women are the only ones that can afford recording equipment. It's actually more prevalent in black and brown women. The same way black and brown men fuck more animals than white people, they're just too fucking poor in majority black and brown countries to afford cameras and internet on average.

Any good sites for that?

Because they smell better than niggers

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Remember: white people fuck neanderthal to extinct and create aids by fuck monkey. Dog and horse are next best thing after irish.

Because they need to get lives. Badly. Also they flatter themselves into thinking that every guy is trying to rape them.

because a dog won't rape you or beat you or give you an std or get you pregnant

because Latinas can't satisfy them

And yet black countries are the AIDs centers of the world and sand niggers regularly lay with goats.


ok fido

to fulfill biblical prophecy and bring forth armageddon causing the apocalypse

Because they want big black dick without having to fuck some animal.

I think it's the niggers that call each other 'dawg' right? Just sayin'.

You sound like an illiterate slave

it's not just women
I know a sissy who let me dominate him and his gf several times last year who expressed an interest in being forced to give his dog double head with his girlfriend
everyone is different

because it's hot

Because white people own dogs more often. Same reason Arabs and Pakis fuck goats, because they herd them.

Dogs are racist man...

>Because they want big black dick without having to fuck some animal.
Fucking /thread!

>white woman

Picture is clearly spic

hahahha funny let's just ignore how white people are literally neanderthals. you should be in a zoo.

A better question is why fuck a dog if you're not taking the knot? I mean isn't that the point? Same applies to dog-dick-shaped dildos.

Neanderthals are still some form of human at least


I am only 4.6% Neanderthal
I've been tested

why do op retarded?