Fb fap thread: plump ass edition

Fb fap thread: plump ass edition

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So spankable

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Such a naughty whore

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Cute butt to spank and fuck

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that slut tell you to lick her ass? what are you doing?

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Need more of her please!

fuck, more

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Good whore

go on

Imma do it then knock her up


Hnngg more

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She plump

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Lame, generic ho #1. Lame generic ho #2. Lame generic ho #3...


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Like her?

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goddamn yes she is

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Tf is wrong with you? She’s gross and fat.


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She’s begging to be knocked up

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Anybody like?

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Good bubble butt breeder

Oh boy! It's the circle jerk again!

New guys be sure to stay where everyone can see your dick. You are the turn on here, not the girls.

Veteran jerkers, give the New guys pointers and don't make them feel gay or they won't be back.

Yes I do

What’s her name again? Always forget

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So hard

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Beautiful thighs

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no thats all the pics i have of her

i want to pound that so fucking hard

No one cares.

I want to fuck her ass so bad

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You never will though.

Show the ass

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Lexi. Such a bubble butt whore

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oooh more bikini

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You'd be lucky if she acknowledged your existence.

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That man face tho

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Love her

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my sister, toughts?

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that ass swallows those nicely

She sure has

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How many people have had a shower in the last 24hrs?

Brushed their teeth?

Beautiful ass

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Should have been aborted.

Fuck off, twat.


Would destroy

Sexy af

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That would be a no.

Anyone else?

fuuuck keep going

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You'd freeze and go limp the second she got in the same zip code.

Her ass always makes her swimsuits and panties thong up

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