Hey user, are you having issues with any difficult questions lately...

Hey user, are you having issues with any difficult questions lately? Maybe you're wonder if you should quit your current job to start a new path in life? Questioning if your life is even worth living? Or do you just want a second opinion on some trivial matter?

Either way today is your lucky day! No matter what it may be, the all-knowing magic 8-ball is here to answer all of your questions.

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Fuck it
Will I get the job?

Will there be a greater threat


will i ever find true love in a person of the opposite sex?

will I succeed in my career?

Congrats Anons

Should I stay in uni?

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8-pall please, is it really that difficult to decide?

Will I be a clown

will i be happy?

does she still have feelings for me?

Will I be a mime

Will it?

Will I be in a circus as a clown

will i earn lots of money for my gacha games?

Will I live a thousand years?

has Sup Forums degenerated into a cesspool of traps, niggers, cucks and the like?

I've already lived a thousand life times

Will I have a baby girl in 2020?

reroll please tell me i am serious!

should I go to a hooker next week?

Is magic real? Like fireball out of your hand kind of magic? Like the anime cool ass magic?

Will my life be better here in Japan than in the Philippines?

Just got saved from a stabbing and aids

Do you lie?

Mahal ba talaga ako ni Jaycee?

thanks based 8-ball

Mahal ba ako ni Kent?

May future ba kaming dalawa ni Jaycee?

Is there a chance in the future that Jaycee and Zaldy will get back together again?

Mabubuntis ba si Jerah bago siya umuwi nang Pilipinas?

Will i get caught sharing my ex and my gfs pics ??

will i get an answer?

Should I be scared of the magic 8 ball

Was getting caught really part of his plan?

lol was that following this ?

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Madadala ko ba si Jayriz at Paopao dito sa Japan?