I make all the blacked threads on Sup Forums. AMA

I make all the blacked threads on Sup Forums. AMA

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When is enough?

It will be enough once everyone is mixed to the point that the human race is all one color

why don't you just play fallout shelter and get all your vault citizens race mixed and then kill all the white people?

It's clearly done to sew division between the races, clearly you're not the one behind it if you don't know that much.

what do you do for a living? do jews care about what you are doing? do you actually like hetero porn? could you change it to lesbian interracial porn? I'm not arroused by seeing dicks, I'm arroused by seeing pussies...

What kind of faggot has a chinese knockoff menorah?

Menorahs have 8 branches + 1 center. Idiot larp.

what is your opinion on the #BLACKED girls?

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Once I saw your fingers I realized that textbook had never been opened and you stole a random candelabra from a thrift shop.

Niggers gonna nig.

Given your weird porn obsession, have you ever had sex?

Kek great job user. Shitstorm inbound

oh shit 3 sec and a good get will pop out

It’s called a yamaka

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Stop making blacked threads and start making log threads

Not true

Cheap Jap bikes.

Everyone knows it's meant to knit division instead.

How's your Friday going? Any plans for the weekend?

Yes, it is true. But I wouldn't expect a dumb nigger to figure it out.


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Driving to the gym right now

Heck yea I started recently and love it when I'm there. Have a good day and thanks for answering

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what is your favourite b8?

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kek'd and check'd

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Why does this color have to shit brown though?

Can you use some Melanin-X before you start?

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why tho

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>mud people getting access to the internet yesterday acting like interracial porn hasn't been around since forever

like what are they trying to prove other than the fact they watch that shit 24/7 and wishes they could fuck a white girl instead of their own hideous mud women (which they probably can't get any way since they're the incels of their race)?

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If everyone was the same colour, do you think racism would magically disappear ? hahah

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