My neighbour is smoking weed at the moment with his girlfriend...

My neighbour is smoking weed at the moment with his girlfriend. They play music at 5PM and I wanna call the police on them for disturbance and use of drugs (very illegal in Sweden). On the 3th of January around 9AM I heard them having sex when I walked past their house. Can I say it sounded like rape?

What do I say to guarantee the police will show up? Say I saw a gun etc?

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Or you could just not be a cunt

Grow up.


Bra bete, bög.

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a gun? in sweden? wouldn’t that trigger a response from the gendarmerie or carbinieri or whatever you meatball ikea fags have


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or just tell them to stop playing music etc.
since u live in sweden, you are probbobly autiscic so idk fuck em
call polisen

The fuck is your problem, OP?

Get a fucking life, moron. Stop trying to control others. Fucking cunt.

It's 5pm bruh that's not even late

Talk to them first, it's only fair. That being said, potheads are fucking annoying and try to justify weed in every situation despite it being illegal. Their blatant self righteousness has made me a proponent of never legalizing that fucking plant.

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Faggot. None of those things sound specially bad.

>They play music at 5PM
Ok, boomer. Go live in a home. Btw, det är människor som dig som förtjänar hjärnrör i skallen.

Have you tried minding your own fucking business?

As someone who enjoys cannabis in a responsible and quiet manner I can’t help but agree with you. “Stoner” culture is vile and probably hurts legalization efforts enormously by being so intensely obnoxious.

There are a lot of us responsible cannabis enthusiasts though, you’d never know we exist because we go to work sober, don’t smell like weed, only smoke small amounts in quiet unobtrusive ways, usually in our own homes.

I just like it better than alcohol. It’s not a miracle drug, it’s just a drug.

You’re unreasonably irritated. Either move to a retirement community or get an air purifier and headset.

????????? fuck off, boomer

This lad gets it. If you're going to do your illegal substance, do it quietly, unobnoxiously and only in your spare time. We should never have to deal with you and your habit AT ALL. I had a roommate (kicked him the fuck out) who would literally smoke starting at 5:30am, come home on work break and smoke, and then come home from work and smoke/drink. So he was literally not sober all the time.

You must be fun at parties. Like 10% of world population is high every day.