ITT only positive and encouraging things

ITT only positive and encouraging things

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sorry user, you getting no love for this. I liked it tho. thanks

I tried lol thanks for the encouragement none the less.

do you have any more?

I needed this today. Thanks OP.

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Op here. I tried guys.

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Good try anyway op. Id 'boot but all i got is porn

they die, they all die
it is just the time
waiting is boring

I only got greentexts user

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That's a good story user. Thanks for the contribution

I have some more

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Do ye good for all mankind; do not learn, follow, or know the ways of hate, for it is from hate that all evil flows.

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Sadly nothing to post, but good thread user. We need more like this.

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OP here. Thanks for the contribution. Have a rare pepe

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I was expecting a ran over kid joke.

Thank you for the Pepe OP

This is some wholesome shit. Thanks Anons. Everything will be ok because everything is ok.

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Finally, not a shit thread. Thank you, OP

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Friendly bump

This hit home

this one got me all the feels

>proceeds to drink and beat wife and kids
next morning
>it's all in the rearview

Your welcome fren

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God bless OP.

UGH, these feels! user living the dream. A good happy life. Wish I was in his shoes...

We're all going to die.

You too user

Haven't read this in a while. I used to go from time to time to galactanet to read it. It actually helped me treat myself and others better when I was fighting depression.

High school teacher here.

This is what I make kids who are failing, but need just a few more points memorize.

It's a poor neighborhood and they really don't go to college so I don't mind helping them get a 70 if they take the time to memorize it.


no one else is probably going to post anything else on this thread so im just gonna say - Whatever you anons are doing out there, I hope you live a great live and get booty, bitches and bounty.
And as the quote goes: "See you space cowboy"

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we are all gonna make it bros

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Kek i couldn't help but read this in a japcent.

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oh this
this plays on my heartstrings HARD

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This always picks me up, it's abit cheesy but it's truth.

i forget the dudes name but

>Let's suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream
>and you would naturally as you begin on this >adventure of dreams
>you would fulfill all your wishes.
>You would have every kind of pleasure you seek
>and after several nights you would say
>wow that was pretty great
>but now let's have a surprise
>let's have a dream which isn't under control
>Well somethings going to happen to me that I don't know what it's going to be
>Then you would get more and more adventurous
>and you would make further and further gambles as to what you would dream
>and finally you would dream where you are now
>If you awaken from this illusion
>And you understand black implies white
>self implies other
>life implies death
>you can feel yourself
>not as a stranger in the world
>not as something here on probation
>not as something that has arrived here by fluke
>but you can begin to feel your own existence as absolute fundamental
>what you are basically
>deep deep down
>far far in
>is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself

Cause all of your bills will be paid this year and you will buy that wonderful new car you have always wanted.

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thanks Vader

you got it OP.

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Thanks. I've been vicious lately, not because I enjoy being that way, but because it's my nature when I don't self monitor.

Keep fighting. You wouldn't believe how I know this but every kind act pays you back a thousand fold.

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You might be surprised whose watching little one.

Ive been going through alot recently. I made a promise to myself in June2019 that if my life didnt improve by 1years time I would KMS. Im finally doing better this month. Back in school. Off so many drugs. Applying for partimes.
This poem made me realize i am my own master and I started bawling like a baby. I have so many repressed emotions that just hit me like a tidal wave after being on zombie mode for the past 6 months. I need therapy.
user who ever you are, thank you l. You allowed me to feel again, it hurts oh it hurts so much but i feel human again o my god. Who ever u r thank-you so much this was beautiful
Pic related

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"You're gonna carry that weight"

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This is probably the best thing I ever read on here, enjoy.

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Pretty good.

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Holy crap it's been a couple hours. I thought thisbyhread would have died by now. Here's another rare pepe for everyone efforts.

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Vital advice right here

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Fun and positive discord server here join right now


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