Is this the only reason to have girlfriends?

Is this the only reason to have girlfriends?

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even if you're into black guys there's no way you find this dude attractive

how much are they paying these girls?

I'm black guys being big, both their bodies and cocks. I don't care what their faces look like, barring something truly horrifying.

why does he look like frankenstein?
and why do they use a fishe-eye-lense to make his pathetic dick look bigger?

learn english pajeet cuck

so you've completely dehumanized them yet you think you're not racist? lol

Forgot "into" after "I'm"

Who says I'm not racist?

It's not about being attracted to someone, it's about getting your woman some serious STDs and making her unwanted by anyone else but yourself.

Not him, but their cocks are no different than any one else's. Neither is anything else about them, except their skin color.

It's hotter if they're big and black. Obviously I wouldn't meet up with them if they don't meet my requirements.

No one cares about your nigger faggot cuck fantasies

I do

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For me, it has nothing to do with physical superiority or any of that shit. Anyone with half a brain can look at surveys and stats and discover there is no real size difference. For me, it’s the taboo. I only Luke the amateur stuff because the girl is clearly just into getting fucked hard regardless of what’s attached to the dick. That’s hot

Same, and I love the whole black cock interracial subculture.

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nice penis and boobs

But what does any of that have to do with OP's thread?

Same. I tease my wife about it just to see how much of a slut she’ll be. Sometimes she gets into it. The contrast is her pale skin and petite figure would be amazing to see

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I though the thread was about watching your gf suck off a black porn star. OP wasn’t clear...

Think she'll go black?

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Retard, did you read the OP? It's not a race thread.

No She just likes to act like a raging slut sometimes. I think it’s hot because she’s basically prude af

The image happened to have been a blacked pic, but so what?

The mastery of photoshop here is nothing short of astounding.

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I know a nigger gore thread when I see one.

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We’ll choose a better pic next time. Given all the blacked shit on here, you’re obviously asking for it.

You should get her a bbc dildo

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Looked but can’t find any decent silicone ones that are realistic and priced under a million dollars

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Keeping it on page 1. Good work, faggot. The right thing to do is ignore

You could get one that's just black black

What do you mean? Post itúctīõn/dp/B082B2LRTT/
^ Something like that
Or this, which has more reviews.

This one seems pretty damn good. Thanks

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No problem. This one seems good too:
The reviews have videos of it being taken out and flopped around. Had to use google to search amazon because all the amazon search results were weird foreign stuff, even though they have the right products.

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