How's going anons

how's going anons
really, really bad here, no porn thread, just your
feelings here
feel free

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I feel that you are a newfag

I have the feeling you're some guy who's been on the website for like 9 years and still has the mentality of a newfag.

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i feel that I really want to punch your beta male face but that's alright.

My therapist and I have developed a very unprofessional relationship to the point that she would be fired on the spot if her employer found out, and I think I have strong feelings for her.

It's going poorly, at the moment. Things are not static. Change is possible. I will turn things around.

Dating this girl. Had 3 kids from a previous failed relationship. I thought I was gonna be a step dad and finally have a family. She pulled the I need space card so I know it's over. Maybe if I slapped her around we'd still be together.

i also want my house back and want to crush an entire tribe with my hand


I just found out Mindhunters Season 3 may not happen. So yeah I'm more than a little bummed right now. First world problems.

Better than anyone here I guess....

I am always grateful for all I have, and this makes me happy. However, I understand a lot of people are not in that type of situation and it makes me sad.

I really wish I could just help every person in the world achieve what they want.

Not good man, but probably really common.


There's only one solution to your problem. Start a cult disguised as a self help program and charge a nominal monthly fee. That way you could help other People and at the same time get rich.

It's a win win situation.

I'm quite sure it's common to develope romantic feelings towards your therapist, not sure about the dinners, hugs and the texts ending with "hugs and kisses" though.

I found out yesterday that the girl I like too much and I've gone out with a couple of times and with whom we chat constantly with texts, has me as a SECOND BACKUP.
Let that sink in. She has a boyfriend which I didn't knew, and has a backup already. So I'm 2nd in line.
Fucking great feeling I gotta say.
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I can imagine the feels you must be feeling. It Will get better though.

how did u find out?

I lost my job a few months ago and havent found a new one. I havent payed my bills in 2 months so I think this is my last month with power, heat and internet. I have no food, no smokes, no car insurance, no gas and no way to go to the city to look for a job.

Honestly... I don’t know anymore. Grew up constantly psychologically abused and being reminded how much a burden I was for simply existing. Long history of shitty relationships, 2 failed marriages, my kid ended up being a home abortion well I was at work, frequent legal problems, and constant turmoil.

It’s funny though, I’m 29 and things have calmed down since I beat the living shit out of both my parents and the legal issues have resolved. It’s like everything is ok but at the same time nothing is ok.

Idk, Sup Forums isn’t the place to express shit, so maybe I’m taking the chance to vent maybe I’m memeing to make you sad.

Beating the living shit out of your parents was probably a big release for you while at the same time sending them a message, but it can't have been entirely satisfying because it changed nothing about your current problems and situation.