How does your room look like Sup Forumsro?

How does your room look like Sup Forumsro?

Here is mine. Im 31 and I have been living here all my life.

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You're disgusting.


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rent free??????



I have no fridge but i store food in containers on the floor. And I use fast food restaurant bathrooms.


... which room? I have several.

I only have this room. Its a small storage originally but I live here. The door opens to the street.

Your wife must hate it. Sleeping in a single bed must be awkward af.

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It's better than sleeping outside



Or is it?

nah Germanistan

>lives in destitution
>with a single groot funko pop

user I...

Same size as my old prison cell, different color tho

Yes but at least you did not miss a toilet. Im using fast food restaurant toilets every day.

Do you live in Brookhaven Hospital?

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Good lord that is depressing


this makes my heart hurt and my face cringe. trash everywhere, stained unwashed pillow, i can smell this photo

current room

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old room

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get on my decorative level newfags

Are u in mexico hahahaha

my old room, I'll see if I can get a picture of my current room

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where is your pc setup?

fukken love you closet-off-the-street guy
How did you first come to stay there?

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Why/what is that supposed to be? An Asylum room?
>TV screen directly above a radiator
Not sure if retarded or based.

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wish i wasnt so poor ):

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As some one whose been homeless for a year. I rather sleep where OP lives.

>How does your room look like
Which one? I have a whole house.

Aw man yeah if not you couldve bought the $700 gaymur chair instead ofthe $250 one

On his fucking phone.

so poor :( huge desk, monitor, nice chair, TV, desktop, sizeable room

I'm so poooor :(((

I live in a cozified cabin.

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Current room, a bit messy at the moment

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Are you in a van or something

>nothing anywhere
>its a bit messy
Y so insecure

You got it

You can't see the dust everywhere on the pics^^

What do you do for internet? Able to play games and stream Netflix etc still? How much did ur set up cost

i apologise to you black guy trapped in a town by god i didn't know you weren't trolling

If you cant see it in the pics then why did you tell us?!?!?!

That's a sweet setup

To make you talk?

Cant get it done, anyway here is the old view

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you barely have any space yet you buy that ridiculous coffee table o_O

Phone hotspot. Its enough to game on all month and watch shit, if i run it out it just switches to low speed where you cant game but can still watch stuff. I have a generator and batteries for power. Been living in it for almost 4 years now, total everything including the generator, buying the thing, all the mechanical shit im right at $10,000. Bought it for $500 originally.

But i dont WANT you to be insecure about invisible dust

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You Sir, are making an excellent point.

Looks like you moved into to grandpas storage room

is that a hamster you got there?


your room reek of 'insufferable douchebag' and is not something to aspire to

>tv gets all the heat from radiator
It will die earlier, electronic parts degrade faster with more heat, even some mere 10°C can make a difference with cheap household electronics. Don't throw away your money like that.
>hamster cage is small
>hamster gets bombarded with sound from tv
Please put the tv further away from it, that poor thing has a good hearing and a loud tv is torture for him.

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haha yes

Big room 4 Big man

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Thanks mayne

it's a bird though

Back to 4channel with you, /an/

You mean you sleep in the living room

OP come back

nice dubs. i love D&D and historical reenactment but your larp arrows are cringe.

Ok, that's a bit better, they can handle luder sounds better than hamster. But consider moving it, don't want to tell you what to do, i just like animals.

Sup Forums always like animals, we even had caturday and still have sometimes. This board also doxed some nigger that kicked a cat and the police got involved. So lurk moar.

Bitch dusty the cat wasnt shit you still need to go back to 4channel
Hamsters arent cats

looool and what brings you to that wild conclusion user?? Was it the instruments? the plants?

cool! I really enjoy Belegarth and all aspects of RPG/RP. cringe is a great way to hold yourself back from enjoying what life has to offer, plus I'm a great shot on the field, and fast as hell >:)

What kinda boom-sticks do you have on the wall?

He meant you are a yuppie nu-nerd discord kiddie and around here that translates to insufferable at least though i wouldnt call you a douche bag because i think youre just a gay twink larper

Room? I have a whole house...

I like all animals tho. No, nobody is going back, newfren.

I mean, if I wanted a tiny room like that I could clear out one of the closets in my house...

nah cringe is because i love history and hate the goofy, non-historical mish-mash that larp is. I love fantasy and it's mix of the real and fake but larp is not for me. hell i'm dubious of SCA stuff

that's pretty accurate! I don't really use discord that often, really. Im not a yuppie either, I am a musician. isn't a yuppie a rich white dude who buys art? I guess I buy art but I'm not rich lmao

I like the creative side of life the most

not everything has to be historically accurate for it to be enjoyable ^^ It's fun to dress up like an elf and fight orcs and trolls. lots of fun, really! The night life is great, too. everyone shares brews and smokes and has a great time, there's bards and singing and dueling and tournies and titles and all. huge encampments with standards and banners and tents lined with braziers

it's honestly so much fun. A lot of people in the sport do SCA too but it doesn't translate very well to the combat

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Did you live in an old hotel...

Yuppie in this case means your parents had money and are white

how are you posting this

Youre not gonna place in the mental olympics are you user?

I don't believe it

Its always the same people in these threads no matter how long we go in between them

It ain't much in terms of decorations, but hey, no rent as well :)

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Oh god no

oh well that's entirely true

I don't think I've ever posted in these threads before

did i miss something

Y u lyin i see ur "old room" for years and watch you talk about ur belegarth gayness

Pretty comfy :]

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Really?? Maybe I have posted here before, it must have been a while ago. I often post at night when I'm super high too so maybe I'm forgetting xD

why did you put old room in quotes.. I can show you more pictures of it if you'd like ??

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Better version of

I jus put in quotes to distinguish more from new room. It redundant i kno

Can relate. 3bd 2b here with 2 car garage.

Yeah bro, your shit looks comfy as fuck.

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oooo that makes sense

Way to go you stupid ego signaling faggots you took the bait and bought a fuckin house
Jesus christ the level of cope with you faggots
>oh look a thread about bedrooms i better go talk shit
Fuck you.

Your "room"? Don't you have an appartment or something? Lol