Is my sister cute or not?

Is my sister cute or not?
No sexual comments please.
Tell me what you like about her. She's very insecure

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I’d make her hate sex

She's very cute and has nice lashes

She’s very pretty :)

She's cute. Pretty eyes. Nice, well formed lips and face. Objectively cute. 9/10

She was fine when I fucked her ass.

Old stale pasta

I wanna cum so deep inside her that your grandmother will feel my nut

I said no sexual comments. Please be respectful.


I would Facefuck her while making you watch

I would take her to the prom while you watch.

I'd like to drape my nuts on that exquisite nose

Isn't this girl royalty? I swear I read that before. She's a princess in some country like Spain or smeting

that is not your sister tho

No sexual comments?! Well fuck that
I’d have her little pussy gripping my dick like a gorilla fist, she’d be fucked so good she’d think she died and came back, her asshole will be my last meal, her guts will be so rearranged and abundant with my cum she’ll be unrecognizable

I'd like to make her asshole insecure.

she is cute 10/10

btw when you tell people on the internet not to do something they'll definitely do it so try to get used to it ...

5/7 would comment again.

Not your sister though.

I'd kiss her gently on the lips while I caress her hair soothing her as she slides down the pole in which she is impaled at.

man, she is lovely!

I'd slam my dong balls deep in her fart-knot and shoot a load of frosting on her turds

Oh wait, you said no sexual comments

She's pretty

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No sexual comments?

Nigger you're in the wrong place.

i always smile when I see this

She's very cute uwu

She is very cute uwu

I'd rape a bastard into her belly.

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I would definitely defecate on that face

No sexual comments, motherfucker do you know where you are?

shes a 9/10 very pretty.

Just found her Facebook.
I'm going to message her in a minute, and believe me when I say I'm going to seduce her.
Thanks, future brother-in-law.

>I said no sexual comments. Please be respectful.
You clearly want us to make lewd comments about her.

I would take her to church and pray with her, then go help the sick, elderly, and poor, then tend to the needy with her as we delivered the good news of gods love to the masses

It’s been like 5 months since this got posted, where you been Bot?

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