I just found out my 18 yr old gf is actually 16. How fucked am I Sup Forumsros?

I just found out my 18 yr old gf is actually 16. How fucked am I Sup Forumsros?

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Pic not related. But close in body

Are you fucking? Do her parents know/care you're fucking? If you can't answer yes to both these questions you gotta GTFO.

I had a 16 year old gf whose parents liked me well enough (her dad and i shared a lot of musical interests and hobbies) and they knew their daughter was a horny girl so we fucked like rabbits all the live long fucking day. we broke up eventually but still talk here and there.

If age of consent is 16 its okay

Depends on age of consent. I've fucked loads of 16 year olds

Come to Northern Ireland 16 is legal here

See it through until she's 18 and tread lightly. She can use this against you so don't dump her, cheat on her or piss her off. And don't do any PSA.

Probably safe if, age of consent is 16 and she hasn't sent any nudes to you

If she wanted all of this bullshit and u have prove for her lying at age dont worry. You dont have to ask for ID. But dont piss her off coz she can fuck you up on thousand possible ways bro. I live in third world country in EU and have 17yo gf (me 24), her parents is cool and shit and I dont give a fuck

Found that out about mine a few years ago. She's turning 19 in a few months now. Still fucking her. You'll be fine unless you live in a shit state or she sends you nudes

Hold on. We all know he got nudes, there are two young curious horny ppl. He is still safe, if shit will start burnin he popo can get all the convos they had and got the point where she was lyin

I'm 28 and she's 16. Only reason I found out is her drunken friend wished her a happy birthday last night. We've had sex lots of times. I don't wanna go to pedo prison and im afraid if I leave she'll go full psycho

Go to a sex shop and buy a size range of dildos. You'll want to stretch that asshole out for what your fellow prisoners are going to do to it. Also, skip the lube. Might as well get used to getting fucked dry. I doubt they'll spit first.

Abort and leave state honestly

Did she lie?

Yes, said she was 18. Met her at a party a year ago

now thats fucked up

Don't listen to the autists saying it’s legally ok to fuck a 16 year old assuming you’re american. Shit hits the fan with that all the time and this is what will happen: you will get arrested, probably get beaten up, and will labeled as a sexual predator for the rest of your life.

Even if you love that girl you need to leave her as gently as you can.

Ready to bleed ready to breed. 16 is an age of consent thus legal in most of the first world countries I know of, so whatever - just fuck her in every orifice. Cum buckets inside her, make her pussy throb.

Ghost her

It doesn't matter if she lied or not.
Unless the legal age of consent is 16, you could go to prison.
"She lied" does not hold up in court, even if you have proof she lied.
My only advice is don't piss her off.

Get rid of socials and move? I live in a little town of a population of 1200.

It's not a big deal. Knock her up and make her yours forever.

Doesn't matter if she was lying. The courts won't even take that into consideration. They literally don't care. They want those conviction numbers so the public doesn't think they are soft on crime. Also sex offenders rarely live to the end of their sentence. They mostly get killed off in prison.

Legal in most states. I'm almost 50 and I can, and have, fucked 16 and 17 year olds.


So she is 16 now? You found out when her friend wished her happy birthday? So you were fucking her when she was 15. You have been with her for a year. Wash this prior to birthday time last year? You were fucking her when she was 14?

Just tell us what state/country you are in. Son you may be in real trouble. Because that all matters.

Looks like someone I know, sauce OP?

Gently break up with her so she doesn't metaphorically fuck you on the way out.

A quote from MEGADETH,"Hope your soul belongs to Jesus cause your ass belongs to me [says the judge]".

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Lucky to find a 16 year old virgin there!!!

Don’t worry. You won’t get arrested for having an online 16yr girlfriend.


You fucked up by not posted nudes to /b before finding out she was 16

Look up "age of consent" for your state on the internet. Easy to find. The laws are different for each state. Some have a near age exception, some don't. But there are actually more states where 16 is AOC than states where it is 18.