STOP. oldfag test, only oldfags will remember who this is

STOP. oldfag test, only oldfags will remember who this is

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All hail queen Sup Forums

Shoeonhead isn’t the other chick.

INCORRECT. This isn't shoeonhead. I'll give you a hint, she was responsible for a lot of anons getting banned, and some user made a music video tribute that used to get spammed, also, pic in OP is a current pic of her

Im afraid to say because FBI

it's boxxy you stupid newfags

Newfags calling other newfags
>Sure is summer in here

literally who?

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I smell what the rock is cooking

This psycho. I'm glad I forgot her name and posts.

No it's not you fucking smoothbrain

>he doesnt know

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Literally the first tumor full of cancer on b/.

We could have done something if we caught it earlier

No I dont feel like getting v&, I just found her Instagram and it gave me flashbacks, thought I'd start a thread and give other people flashbacks

What's so bad about her? What's her Instagram

Insta plz, asking for a friend

I have a vague idea.

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>ITT: newfag posts old 4chin shit and LARPs as an oldfag

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If I even told you what to google I'd get b&, I dont feel like getting b&

That'll give it away user, if you know who it is, then all you have to do is use the Ukrainian spelling of her first name, the B stands for bugorskaya, with no spaces, and that's her insta name, she doesnt post often

What could we have done? I don't see any correction that could have been made aside from closing the website.

Haha based. Here you go


This user
Got it, her insta is
It's all sfw

my friend can't remember their names. who's the girl 3rd alongside her?

Not her. All those pics are readily avalible pics that leaked WAY before the post date. Those pics are from early 2010's

They wouldnt use insta, because vk is the insta of the east and southern russians

Oh, that sucks :/
What is Vk?

>Even out cold the nigger goes for the bike


Nobody cares yo basement dwelling faggot

Why are you screaming for mods, I dont understand whats that about ?

>implying newfags could know about lauraposting

That's Olivia.

She hung herself 9th grade year when she realized she the only one in her entire class who had yet to lose her anal virginity.

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VK is the facebook of Russia, nobody uses that shit

they do use IG

If you mean third from right then YuliyaK at least hypothetically. If you meant third girl from eating girl then possibly ValensiyaS.

This is all allegedly of course.

Wait a moment brehs.
if were getting all "2008" I'm gonna connect to my neighbors wifi.

Hypothetically what's going on here? These are people eating sushi?

Yes, it is the historical colourized footage of the post treaty dinner when Serbia and Bosnia ended the war

valensiya is hot af now. saw a few Instagram type photos. she is soo pretty.

got her full name or a link to her insta? (she's an adult now mods who I'm sure are watching the shit out of this thread)

funny way of asking for candid cp

I don't have it now. someone posted it a year ago and I looked at it a bit. someone posted some pics. one was a bit of teasing photo. she looks amazing. I don't have it on my current device.

She's not the best girl

>aksing for an adult's Instagram is asking for candid cp
Fuck off fagit

newfag detected

She is if you dont have shit taste, b > v ant fucking day

>newfags calling people newfags
The absolute state. Valensiya never even did cp anyways, and if the things she did do back then were what I was looking for, you can literally find it on google, I'm just curious to see what she looks like now

Alright I'm fucking retarded, I thought you were replying to the post asking for Valensiya's insta, its 6:00am, I should probably get to bed

Ok that was just a test and you passed. She's the best girl

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Newfag here...whats the story?

sixth google result.. :)

Laura B

Nobody fucking cares.
Actual oldfag here, and this chick was so not a big deal nobody would recall anyway.


N e w f a g d e t e c t e d

Anything after 2009 = newfag you fucking nigger

>actual oldfag here
>laura was not a big deal

Newfaggot begone

what's the story though

she had a nice ass. pedos lost their minds. that's literally it.

why does no one post a mega tho

lmao then what's the big deal?

it's going to be a reallylong weekend if they do

a long weekend of fapping?

you guys need more Salty Milk in your life.

In her vids Valensiya used to sort of push the camera away with her feet as if to say "not too close user!" but then she'd look at you and give a little smile.

Anything after 2006 retard

Based and sodiumpilled

is that poop?

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That's sushi you degenerate

Anything before 2006 = originalfag
2006-2009 = oldfag
Anything after 2009 = cancerous nonsense

It's sushi, you absolute non-weeb

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stfu chester
I love sushi. I've bad eyes ._.

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So your first assumption was poop?

looked like doodoo butter

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Only to retards

fuck you, poopdick

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No need to be mean user, this is a wholesome thread, good, wholesome vibes only

Joined 1 year too late, dammit

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You missed out user, this place was very different in 2008

I've been here since '04, what does that make me? (aside from a faggot)

>music video
Kek "Baby got back"
Shit that takes me back

Either a weeb, a pedo, or both


That should make you able to post the cheese

If this was 8ch it would have been posted and deleted like 12 times by now

Well I suppose we could make you an honorary oldfag just for this thread. As long as you stand at the back and promise not to make too much noise.

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Yeah that's gonna be a bump from me doc

Trips confirm, makeawish user gets to be an oldfag for a day

Lauraposting is still pretty big on shooterchan


You bastard
I clicked on that
You should have warned us
Imma just wait for the van now

no fucktard its seaweed and rice

Thank you sir for this great privilege

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Its Lawrence B from candydudes

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It's her though :)

That's an old photo, hes put on a few years since then

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She made me love little girls

Believe it or not, I'm neither. I just love freedom of speech

I feel old now.

Do you think she regrets all those modeling sets she did and the fact that many old pedophiles masturbated to her pictures?

Yeah I know user, its terrifying, shes older now than I was the first time I saw her posted here

No I dont think so, this is her askfm which she was active on till a year ago,

She did used to have VK but she deleted it

Is Laura, dare I say /ourgirl/?

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This makes me happy :)

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