Women used to be better

Women used to be better.

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Disagree, they were always cunts.

In what way?

Nah. Today they tend to be enhanced.

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In that they wouldn't go to the fucking cops every time you'd had a beer too many and tuned 'em up a little for bitching.
These days a quick slap is like fucking murder.

So did men. What's your point?

lol virgin

>lol virgin
lol married w. two kids.

By "better" you mean society didn't treat them like real people. Better objects.

Oh well, i guess just cry about it, beta. No one cares.

>lol married w. two kids.

Sure you are, virgin

People do care though.
Society functioned significantly better then.
Women's only real contribution to society, up to this point, has been in raising children. Now they want to abandon that role.

Cocksucking whores then — cocksucking whores now. Nothing changed at all.

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>Society functioned significantly better then.

lol sure, cuck. Cute claim,
Now back it up or abandon it.

>Now they want to abandon that role.

Strawman fallacy. Women don;t want to abandon their role as caretakers. They just demand to be able to do more.

lol logical fallacies are fun

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libtard detected.

Youre the one who says that 90s where better and now you contradict yourself

WHats more than raising a child? Being a CEO ? The child then loses its caretaker and she loses her life in a worthless career

>Lowest common denominator detected

plseas leave your boring shit at reddit

50% of my household income you dumb spic.

When my wife makes money, i get to buy things

God damn you are a dumb niggy

Retro porn has more soul

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aww what's the matter? You can't actually respond so you just regurgitate buzzwords?

lol not interested dullard. Try again.

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uh...no, no i didn't say that...


go fuck your mother

Keep pretending faggot

Are you being deliberately obtuse or are you actually an imbecile?

"more" as in "in addition to" , not "of more value".


>i dun like this u REDDIT!

lol speaking of boring...

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Shit thread for worthless men who cant get their three inch cock hard without slapping a women around. The point of shutting down violence against women os its fucking unnecessary. With a firearm my wife couldn't stop me if she tried. Punching men would break her wrists and Id laugh off. Regardless, of she was flipping shit and constantly hitting me, even though it wouldn't do any damage I'd still through her out because I don't want that kind of negativity around. The "things where better when we could hit women" club needs to be taken out back and shot.

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wow aphorisms as an answer. didnt expect more from a libtard

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whats there to add more? They have everything and even better pay than men. camwhores make much more than men in the same position. Thats a problem now

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No one cares you reason for being here, just contribute.

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is there more of this?

Racist piece of shit who writtes like a retard calls others retards. Read all his posts. Libtard? No mom I think I found the troll in this thread.







>being this big of a faggot online

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>I refuse to accept the possibility anyone here is better than I am

You’re a bitch.

Man zoomers are fucking weird

Model is Vicki Witt

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yeah yeah okay

Literally, the most famous porn movie of all time.

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because of america. murder the usd and nsa


violently..violently murder.

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>whats there to add more?

If you could only work your job would you want there to be more to your life?

No shit. Of course you would because you're a human being. In the same way, women don't want to be defined by one aspect of their lives.

Why is this such a difficult concept for you little boys?


I don't really know how to respond to that kind of incoherent butthurt so...carry on?

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Tiff is best!

>feeling compelled to respond but having nothing meaningful to say


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Nah. I just don't take little boys who clearly have no experience with actual women seriously.

You can posture and save face all you like, little bitch. Won't change reality

Male and female essence works different for each sex. THe male is goal oriented and driven a woman in her female essence not. Because you belive thats right for you doesn mean its the same for a woman. We are different after all

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>Because you belive thats right for you doesn mean its the same for a woman.

Agreed. But that's not what i'm basing this on. I base this assertion on the fact that WOMEN are demanding to be more than just incubators and caretakers.
We are different but we are also the same. We are all people who are not single-dimensional caricatures but fully formed human beings.

It's absurd how many of you fail to realize this simple truth.

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No, women have always been idiotic fuckholes who arent intelligent enough to manage anything. The problem is when we started pretending they were equal to us, but somehow also above criticism. Women aren't the problem. Allowing them to vote in actual elections and rebranding marital discipline as "domestic violence" are the problems.

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Goddamn, that is one permed bush!

1/10 whore try harder

pick one bro

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Women arent just incubators and caretakers. You believe that and now women do because people like you cant open her up to the divine, open her up with love and in love. After 2 years in a rship you give up and watch porn even before that. YOU GIVE UP AT YOURSELF and women are there to test you

You, the OP, were better when you couldn't speak

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Looks like Erika Eleniak

...sorry bud. I didn't follow that.
I agree that women aren't just incubators and caretakers but beyond that i'm not sure what you're talking about...

HOLY SHIT what's wrong with her nipple?

nothing, its just a puffy nipple

Traci Lords was only 16 when she started making porn.

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Godamn who is she? I Fucking love puffy nipples

more of her....

You're missing the operative word "could" Same thing applies to kids nowadays as well. When people are able to act with the knowledge that there will be no repercussions for bad behavior they will act bad. When they know the possibility of them getting cracked up side the head is something that can happen, more often than not, just that knowledge leads to good behavior.

This is how women used to say hello to men when they approached. Culture has changed.