Who's tried research chems? What are they like?

Who's tried research chems? What are they like?

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Yes. Stick to illegal drugs. They're safer and much better.

What did you try?

Some of them are unique. Some of them mimic other illegal drugs and some are indistinguishable from the real thing. There are all sorts with different effects.


whats that do?

I tried something called DOM. Interesting trip, very strong visuals, definitely no better than LSD and it didn’t feel as safe.

They are all different dumb shit don’t do them.

i'm glad MXE is gone or else i would have turned into a brain fried junkie

What is MXE like

this thread is fuckin retarded.
that's like asking "who has tried drugs what are drugs like"

MDMA was once a "research chem". LSD was once a "research chem". the nomenclature is just the lack of studies done on the health effects.

don't ask here, do your own fuckin research. there are loads of reports online.

I tried Fasoracetam. Made me very confident, relieved me of stress and made it easier to concentrate.
Also a year ago i tried 1P-LSD which was like lsd

It felt like trip will last forever. Otherwise nice experience, but I will definitely never try it again.

o dude love this stuff. big fan of noopept and from powder city you can get like PEA and hordenine and it has a great feeling. just look up the best stacks. used to work in a big transit firm and just eat research chems all day, made the days great

This is like saying "Whose been on holiday, whats it like?"

You can get a feel for the general idea, but there are too many variables. There are research chems out there that will literally kill you. There are others that produce a pleasing but short high. Other that mimic LSD or MDMA. There's salvia/spice, which is supposed to be weed but just isn't.

The point is, research chem's are too broad to define simply. I have taken a few N-Bome's, they mimic LSD but they're a bit more mild. I actually preferred them to real LSD to be honest.

N-Bomes seem kinda dangerous to me

You should try 25i-NBOMe, lots of it.
No way it could possibly go haywire.

Trust me, i'm not a doctor.

People say that, and there are probably some versions of it out there that are, but I took it a few times at uni along with loads of mates. We were all completely fine. Sure its trippy, and tripping IS dangerous (in a more mental state and awareness kind of way) but I wasn't in like physical danger or anything.

Its not even really addictive - I don't know if we were just smart about it (looking it up first, making sure we knew what we were getting etc) but it all worked out okay.

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25i is a fucking horrorshow if you get a bit over the top dose.
At least from personal experience.

But it is nice as hell when done right.

I’ve been chasing a research chem called 2cb but can’t find it. I’ve been told it’s like candy flipping

Done 2cb many times. Fun, sometimed bad trips. Owell

Literally don't know what to expect if you're trying something new, novel, with very little reputation. But there are some that have been available longer and more tested. I've had some that were nice and I'd recommend. I'd be hesitant to suggest or recommend combining with something else though at this time since you're just compounded uncertainty on top of uncertainty on top of uncertainty.