Why are you afraid of going to jail?

Why are you afraid of going to jail?

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Shut the fuck up.

Are you afraid?

I'm not cause I'll never go there, unlike you I guess


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Jail? Who gives a fuck about jail? You sleep, read and watch PBS on a tiny TV in a the equivalent of a high school cafeteria...

Prison, however...that's not the best place to be.

Been there it's not bad it a like a holiday camp

I don't want to be stuck in a room all day.
I'll go crazy.
Only crime I do is grow pot indoor and smoke it.
I don't sell it. It's all personal.
I always put body spray and eye drops if I need to go out.

Fuck I’m not, I spent six months in prison it wasn’t that bad except the food was horrible

Im not been to jail a couple of times. Food sucks but as long as you arent a pedo or woman abuser and dont bang in a gang everyones chill

Fuck up the shut :DDDDD

What where you guys in for ?

Why did you get the jail ?

It's generally portrayed as an extremely unpleasant experience, and the general life implications that a trip to jail conjures up.

because we don't look forward to being buttfucked like you do.


Marijuana when it was hard illegal. But tier 2(the non violent offenders) was full so they put me in tier 4 which was violent and felons. I got the hard experience for a softcrime

The up shut fuck

Personal freedom being taken away and getting treated like a dog.

I'm not afraid though, I've heard you can meet nice people in prison plus I know a guy who was on the inside a few times.
He got into too many fistfights but that was probably his fault. I look like an insane person and most people don't want to fuck with them so they can just go home.

28, 5'4", balding, overbite, lisp, fused left ankle (foot is permanently sideways), i have a lot of Nazi/KKK/White Pride tattoos, i would probably get killed or worse raped.

Maybe shouldn't have got all those tats, eh? Especially if you already look like you work at a carnival and shop exclusively at Walmart?

Because I'm not an autumn.