Sitting next to my wife in an abortion clinic. Shes sad af. I just coughed up 500 cash. Feels bad Sup Forumsros

Sitting next to my wife in an abortion clinic. Shes sad af. I just coughed up 500 cash. Feels bad Sup Forumsros...
Did you know we might have to shove 4 pills up her pussy? She almost bailed...
Cheer me up if you can.

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how about not murdering your baby. Nice dubs.

Bump for a medical abortion.

How about we just had twins and it's too soon to have another, faggot. Nice dubs.

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Sorry man. Tough day for everyone. You're going to get lots of hate here, but fuck those body bag stuffers.

Is she in danger because that? Just curious.

Sad about a clump of cells. So weak. Really just proof that you shouldn't have children.

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Dont get me wrong, I hate the idea of doing this. But it would be unhealthy for her to jump right into another preggo... how can she take care of twins when she is six months pregnant before she could even recoup from the first one.

They are playing hits from the 70's 80's and 90's in the waiting room.

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What race is it?

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You are both absolutely doing the right thing for yourselves and the well being of your children. Don't let anybody give you shit.

Eugh imagine how that thing must smell

Her last pregnancy was high risk. Her obgyn said it wouldnt be smart to be pregnant for another two years.

I see. Heart strain probably?

It's all white. Dont have to worry about me.

It's probably not your baby anyway

Some what.

I hope your wife's sons keep you awake at night.

Fuck off.

Thanks, fren.

....they do and it's worth it. Nice dubs.

>doing the right thing for yourselves and the well being of your children.

By killing their child. It's one thing to tolerate abortion, but a whole other thing to call it the right thing to do for the well being of the kid. Are you on that dope?

Right, so how about not dumping your spunk in that loose as pussy for a while. You made a stupid, immature decision and an innocent baby just paid the price for it. Go neck yourself

You mean she is okay with the vacuum but "omg, 4 pills in my no no place"

Are you married at 12 or just retarded...

I can't even imagine the feel. She should've been on pregnancy pills but that's in the past.
I almost knocked someone up once but we were safe. She just really wanted that experience and I bit the bullet.
What pisses me off are those anti-abortionists that hand out pamphlets of dead bebbies.
I would openly crush those pamphlets and toss them in the trash right in front of them.
So yeah, If you can't support the kid just be glad you're making the right choice.

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$500 when you could have just bought the morning after pill at any pharmacy. You deserve it.

So keep raw dogging her you idiot

How about you put her on the pill or use rubbers you fuck. You reap what you sow...

I'll be watching you - sting

1 abortion doesnt mean u cant have another attempt and having a child. Its better to pay 500 now than to pay 5000 in alimony, child support, or to just rise a mistake.
U think abortion is drastic, cuz something doesnt get a chance to be alive, but if u have a child, u rob every other egg she had of that potential and u never will, nor can know whether any other pregnancy will result in a better human - more moral, smarter, more well-behaved, more curious, more lovable.
U do the right thing. Emotions r there to drive u, as a promary motivator, but u must rise above that. Emotions pass away - rational reasoning is eternal

His wife's life is at risk you worthless piece of shit. I would beat you into an ICU for this guy if I could.

And meanwhile my wife and I are shelling out close to $6000 due to unexplained infertility.

Idiots seem to have no trouble multiplying, but intelligent and responsible members of society struggle with it. Hmm...

You won't be able to know it since it won't happen, but you probably increased your other children's chances of leading a happy life. Don't dwell on it, judeochristian values will make you suffer.

>paying for an abortion
Might want to move to a different state.

lol at all the incels telling this man he's in the wrong

do what's best for your family OP and cheers

maybe use protection next time dipshit. You are a fucking baby killer.

>The condom jew
Yeah, I'm getting a snip. Aprentlh my pull out game is off. Seeth more

I would kill you too.

come at me then faggot.

Wow he's tall

you ever think there's a genetic restriction on faggots like you breeding? go adopt a nigger baby you cuck

Right, so that baby magically appeared. They didn't do anything that they probably shouldn't have done knowing that her life would be a risk if she was to get pregnant. It's the babies fault! Let's kill it

He types in his soiled cartoon underpants

Im not going to pretend lime I can find you through Sup Forums, and Im not going to go looking for a fight I dont need. Peoples body autonomy is a non negotiable human right, and if you or anyone like you tries to take that from them or belittle their decision to save their own lives to be their for their own children that already exist violence is absolutely an option for me. You deserve to die.

>telling an user to seethe more when hes feeling depressed about killing his baby

>Peoples body autonomy is a non negotiable human right
I'm sure this guy would've been glad to hear that.

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This is why we dont let grandma drive us to church.

adopt, fuckhead. there's literally millions of kids starving and you only care about your dna fetish

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Imagine being this out of touch with reality. Wife could die if she got pregnant. Let's have sex! Also let's not use any condoms, because that's for Jews. I can just pull out babe, it's fine. Oh shit, never mind. I'll drive you to the clinic so we can kill a kid, so you don't have to die because of our fuck up

Not murder, not a baby

Surgeon here. probably the way that human muscle tissue smells: slightly sweeter than raw beef without the beefy after-smell, sprinkled with a little bit of fresh blood smell.
Cone to think about it, my favourite (or least unpleasant) surgical human smell is fresh healthy bone being cut with a vibrating saw slightly heating it up... Smells like vitamin B

Fuck you, scum bag. I get hards thinking about choking people like you to death with my belt. You're not going to hit me with the "poor defenseless fetus" trope.

I love people like you who are stupider than shit, who do things that enable the rhetoric we will use to authorize suppression of your breeding cycle. By the time we're old you will have to obtain a licence to become pregnant, at which point the breeding suppression technology will be removed from the female's body or switched off if applicable. Through selective licensing we'll be able to get rid of genetic disease and eventually non-whites.

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I don't care. Already born people are more important.

>Peoples body autonomy is a non negotiable human right, and if you or anyone like you tries to take that from them or belittle their decision to save their own lives
I am not the one killing babies lol.

You and your wife are the ones that are gonna be suffering from remorse BabyKiller BabyKiller BabyKiller BabyKiller BabyKiller you and your wife both animal baby killing BabyKiller

Already born people are more important. This is not negotiable.


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You wont do shit except cry while someone like me puts a .40 though your bran stem behind the latrine, cunt.

OP is a dumbass for coming inside his wife after she gave birth but I don’t blame him for getting rid of a high risk pregnancy.

Wear a fucking condom and stop murdering children you retarded troglodite.

Im not OP. Im standing up for him because no one else will in this worthless shit hole

No they're not.

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If you already have twins then you know how expensive a child would be. If you are concerned about the 500 bucks you had to "cough up" for your mistake then you are doing the right thing. Clearly this child would suffer if birthed due to your financial irresponsibility. You are doing the right thing, OP. Concentrate on your twins and keep in mind that no matter what the conservatives would have you believe an overwhelming amount of women feel relief after an abortion, not guilt.

Did ask your opinion. I don't need your approval. Your obedience suffices. Abortion is legal in all 50 states in America. Stay mad.

Birth control is a thing you know?
Dont take risks if your wifes life is in danger.
Hope you learned your lesson here

>Shes sad af.
I'd be sad too if I were married to a dumbfuck.

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Fucking cringe dude.

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Seriously though. Feel bad nigga.

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Hang in there OP. You are not doing anything wrong.

Fuck no. Don't fee bad about shit OP. Tell your girl not to regret shit either. You are married, you have two children who meed their parent and all you did was fuck on the wrong day of the month by accident. You did nothing wrong. Bad things happen to good people. You are ok.

Well, I've gotta admit your faggotry is making me think some people should be aborted after all.

Stay mad.

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They definitely should. The world has a massive population crisis.

As opposed to what, stick my head in the sandbox while faggots like OP commit murder? Anger is an appropriate reaction, thank you.

In your OPINION when is abortion murder?

I emphasized OPINION so it was clear to you that you are pushing yours on other people and you have no right to do such a thing.

Better grow up and learn to keep it to yourself then, before you end up getting hurt.

You think I care? When you push your opinion on people they die.

Oh man... this is legit a cringe thread now.

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Just like you will if you keep trying to intervene in in the life saving medical care of innocent people.

Was it ever not?

So you cant fucking answer that question hahahah


>literal murder is life saving medical care

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Probably from some mud hole state with a child birth mortality rate like sub-Saharan Africa. Women are disposable to this trash as long as god stays happy.

That wasn't a rhetorical question? Fine. Abortion is murder literally fucking always. Hey, sometimes murder is justifiable, but I'd say not in OP's case unless he's a nigger or something.

Yes. I stand by everything. This woman is saving her own life to be there for her living children because she would likely die in childbirth die to heart failure or other complications. Thats life saving medical care.

>Scared of putting 4 pills up
>not scared of OPs dick
>having a dick smaller than 4 pills
kill yourself OP

OP here. Story time.
>be me
>squatting in foreclosed houses in my father's neighborhood
>throw house parties meet a girl
>have sex with condom
>bounce back to dads
>hide out fearing she got knocked up
>she did.
>where you go user?
>she goes back t ok her old boyfriend
>she says he did it
>he pays for my.abortikn thinkingnitnwas his

Looking back... this is my karma and im fine with it.

If she's dumb enough to let OP splash in her when she's really at high risk they might be better off without her.

Good thing nobody asked you, and a good thing you are powerless to stop it. Thanks to that OP and his wife get to be around to raise their children together and be happy. You would have her die to appease your piece of shit god or your own moral absolutism. You're the lowest form of scum on this planet.

Kek. I'm telling that to the guy next to me in the waiting room

They are playing that song "lady in red"

HOW DARE YOU! I'd kill a thousand fetuses (not a baby yet) just to coom in bae's womb. for you to think any other way means you're an incel and must have sex.

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>Good thing nobody asked you
You fucking asked me you... holy shit, I can't think of a word that adequately describes how astronomically retarded you are.

>Thanks to that OP and his wife get to be around to raise their children together and be happy.
>mfw an infanticide enthusiast calls me the lowest form of scum on this planet

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OP is retarded. The mother wasn't really even at risk, total load of bullshit. The mortality rates are almost nill for birthing mother in this time period.

Also retarded for implying the mother shouldn't be putting her life at risk (even though she isn't) for the sake of one of your children.

Even worse if you did it because you think it would leave you financially unstable to take on another child. Thinking that the life of an innocent child is a worthy sacrifice for potential financial stability...

You better be a decent father to the two kids you've got man, you're already proving to be a shit individual.

Thats not a good way to look at it. You were young, and dealing with all of that must have been horrifying, especially when you genuinely tried to take preventive steps. I still see nothing here that makes me think you're a bad person. Ive made worse mistakes, just unrelated to pregnancy. I sincerely hope you let all this hate bounce off you. You are ok man. Never let them scare you.