New Celeb

New Celeb

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what a cringelord

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I'm thinking about getting that Commodore.

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thank you Mrs Skellington


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dont make me do it

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Tie fighter or x-wing?

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you get one shot

where do you aim?

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You know they're not pissing, right?
They inject water in their urethras and then squirt it out.

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You’re in the wrong place then


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The fact that you know this indicates that you should probably KYS


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my brain

cute skirt and run in her stocking

I want to put my pp in her

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i want to fuck her about as hard as i want to marry her

Taking pride in not knowing sexual things? user, that sounds like some cringy incel Sup Forumstard shit.
You're not one of THOSE retards, are you?

i just want to tell you anons i appreciate you being here

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I just heard vanessa hudgens talk for the first time and she sounded super cute like a teenaged girl i almost whipped it out right there in the living room and started to JERK OFF

you´re a pp

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>men pissing on each other


>pissing on eachother with boners
yeah that isnt sexual at all

For faggots

n-no u

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shes good

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yep she knows


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fuck that curve

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Does it bother anyone that this Disney Channel starlet had an abortion at age 15 in order to not get fired from Disney?

She literally murdered a baby which was growing inside her.

I'm fuming.

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it probably made her jew handlers hard too

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Call it a fetus if you want but that's just another name for a growing human being.

First of all, she shouldn't of been having sex at such a young age if she wanted to be an actress.

Second, I know kids these days rarely use condoms because of the availability of the morning after pill, but she should have used protection when she was being violated.


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Isabela Moner is sofa king hot.

Love this weird bitch

Who what?
Dan Schneider is crazy

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nessa would be a fun fuck

I'll take "bullshit I just pulled out of my ass" for $500

dayum women age so fast, thats why they say like milk huh it makes sense now

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Not murder tho, so

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Well now you got me stroking to her

y-yes tbh :D

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what do you call this pose?

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hello morsey (:`,

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the thot curl

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lood but true


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She is really cute but I could never get over the abortion. I couldn't be with a grown woman who had a baby scooped out, let a lone a 15 year old child who did so she wouldn't get fired from Disney.

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How is you qt 3.14?

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