I think I fucked up Sup Forums

I think I fucked up Sup Forums
>be me
>tired of working low pay warehouse jobs
>had done some welding projects with my dad a few years ago
>decide to go to school for welding
>star class last Monday
>super loud and annoying Mexican dude, like 21 tops
>disrupts the class the whole 5 hour lecture
>instructor doesn't do shit about it
>next class wednesday, same thing
>fuck that
>go over to him and say
>"you know, some people came to this class to actually learn something, so if you don't mind could you keep it down."
>as im going back to my seat he tells one of his little buddies
>"some people in this class think they wont get smacked"
>ive been to the California Youth Authority (juvenile prison) before for 3.5 years and don't put up with that shit
>turn around, go back to him and say calmly
>"I don't know who the fuck you think I am but if you wonna find out you can meet me at such and such cross streets in the empty lot there and find out after class."
>he goes "yeah?"
>i say "yeah"and make fists and kind of shake like squaring up
>little punk doesnt make much noise the rest of class and when he doestalk to one of his buddies sitting with him he is noticably quieter
>i went to the empty lot after class, he didnt

i know i shouldnt of done that, but i just have a real low tolerance for disrespectful people and he probably thought i wouldnt say anything back because im white and kind of nerdy looking. but now im worried hes going to go to administration or campus police and say i threatened him. his 2 buddies that sit with him would probably lie for him and deny he threatened to smack me. what should i do?

>pic unrelated

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oh yeah, inb4 larp

dude that's nothing i have literal fucking autists in my welding class

id rather autists then disruptful disrespectful little shit heads.

Doesn't sound like you need to do anything. He shut up and he didn't show to the fight. If he goes to admin it's he said she said.

Next time start with the teacher. Go tell him this other person is making it hard for you to concentrate. If he doesn't fix it go complain to his boss. A school is just like any other business. If the service sucks, ask to see the manager. You are paying these people, they work for you. Forget trying to handle morons yourself, get the school to do it.

nah m8 theirs this 6 ft tall dude who whines like a bitch 247 and a shot hispanic who ate the fucking rubber treads off of my laptop

>who ate the fucking rubber treads off of my laptop
lul wut

yeah short guy looks like he is in a constant state of lucid dreaming you could talk to him for hours and we will give you the samae blank dumb smile, one day i was in class early, working on some 3d modeling shit on my computer, i leave to take an urgent shit and when i come back the fucker is pulling them out of the bottom of my laptop, i give the tard a stern look and ask "does that belong to you?!" he just looks up at me and shakes his head grinning idiotically, "then don't fucking touch it" i say, and he nods his head and to my horror he reaches into his mouth to pull out a half chewed tread to try and stick it back on, at that point i was like fuck it never mind you can kee it

fucking hell, user

ok, now with that said, how fucked am I?

it gets worse 6 ft tall fucker has a bowl cut and a voice lke carl weezer, can never go anywhere without his mom, we had a project where we just had to use a angle grinder to cut a piece of sheet steel, he held one end of the steel in a clamp and leaned the other on the welding table and used the sander to cut while in that position he screamed for a good 30 seconds when the thing blew up in his face and was too traumatized to do anything for the rest of the day



You did the right thing man.... don't fucking sweat it.

youre just a fucked up person who has been exposed to exceptionally rough circumstances,
the whole world doesn't function on prison rules you know,
just get take your easy a in the class and get your 20/ hr job like the rest of us, welding isnt that hard, it's like the art class of blue collar jobs

why do people like this go into the trades? even in prefect safety conditions there is a chance of serious injury or death from mechanical failure of equipment.

Sounds like you were born 40 years too late, OP. We used to handle assholes like that all the time when I was a kid. No one said shit, and if you complained to the principal or (even worse) the cops, they'd laugh in your face and tell you to grow some balls.

Men need to start acting like men again - you hear me you little zoomer fagets?

Good job, OP. You get to keep your Man Card.

>the whole world doesn't function on prison rules you know
I know, man. I knew I fucked up before I even got back to my seat. I showed poor impulse control. i really want to be a welder, I took great joy out of it on the projects I did with my dad and on my own. im just worried I let the past I tried to leave behind come up and bite me on the ass.

i asked his mom that exact question she just tole me "he has the same right to education as you do"

but this fucker doesn't even wan't the education,
he just wants to be a big fat tendie eating mamas boy everyday, we sat down for our finl project which was basically just scouting for jobs, we sat down in the computer lab and he threw a fit and kept whining "HOW AM I GONNA LOOK FOR ANYTHING IN THE COMPUTERS ARENT ON!!!!!!" i told him to turn it on himself, "WHERES THE BUTTON!!!" i tell him to look for it but his mom just turns it on for him, (the rest of class went like this)

made me kek. But sometimes you just do stupid shit.

>be me
>testing a new pressure vessel design
>hold onto the stupid thing while applying pressure
>at about 200 psi, the thing explodes - fragments everywhere.
>nothing touches me - I mean NOTHING.
>think to myself "fucking hell, user, you're a dipshit for holding that thing!"
>go back to machine shop, make a couple mods to thickness and add second o-ring (like THAT is going to do anything).
>hook it up to pressure tester
>not thinking again
>holding it in my hand
>at 300 psi --KABOOM!!!--
>fragments make holes in drywall 15 feet away
>miraculously, I am completely, utterly unhurt and untouched.

Shut off the lights to the shop and go home saying "fuck it, I'm done with this day..."

yeah I wish it was still like that

youre fine, people understand how hard it is, while the world isnt evil the world isnt clean either and in that people find forgiveness and common ground in issues like this, all you can do is your best, being good gets easier each time, this is the law of habit, just keep doin your best man that's all the advice i cn give you


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topkek my dude

You go to new castle school of trades? Lmfao that school is such a joke.

Fuck off fag cholo!

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lol, whos the instructor then, faggot

And then every stood and clapped. And Leroy, the magical negro custodian, walked through the the door and, with a twinkle in his eye, said "That white boy sho'nuff can stand up for himself". Zoom out. Roll credits.

Or Morgan Freeman stops him just before he gets to the intersection where The Mexican (played by a bare chested Danny Trejo is standing there with a machete, surrounded by 500 Cholo's with Uzi's and lead pipes) is waiting for him.

Morgan Freeman says something deep and spiritual like "Don't Do It, OP" but OP goes anyway, and like the true Steven Segal he is, he defeats Danny and his Machete and all the Cholo's go running.

The townspeople, thus saved from the roving band of angry Cholo's, all come running out applauding and calling out OP's name, and Betty, the daughter of the shopkeeper runs over and kisses OP on the mouth and smiles.

Roll credits

I just would have told teacher on faggots like you that you were threating me and got you expelled.