Should I cheat on my gf?

Should I cheat on my gf?

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What's option #3?

Just like a girl who fucks around it won't fill that vacant hole inside OP

To cheat on your significant other is one of the worst things one can do. It breaks a promise formed in a relationship. To break your word is to denounce yourself as a man

If you still want her, don't. If you don't want her, break up with her before you go sleeping around.

Pic unrelated

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if thats you're gf, fuck no you retard. if that's the girl you want to cheat with, break up with your gf first you piece of shit, then go fuck this girl because she's hot af

Fuck off you normies piece of shit


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Moar pics and I will tell u

with a liberal and probably feminist cunt? Why on earth would you do that

Can't decide. Let's see more.

That's an Instagram model. She used to go by lilmiyata

Damn she's hot, those hips and that ass.

If this is your gf don't cheat on her but go fuck her instead, if this is the girl you want to fuck, is she worth breaking your actual relationship ?

No you pathetic child, either break up with her or remain loyal.

She's already cheating on you, why not?

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contrary to this, if pic related is his girlfriend, he should absolutely cheat if he has the chance to. She will, eventually. No way OP measures up.

What's her name now

Dont ... Break up first, then do what ever you want ... I did the same with my 3 year relationship ... It was hella hard but worth if your unhappy

Go for it. Cheating is a stupid concept drudged up by people too insecure to be alive. You are meant to go around and plow sexy female left and right.


yeah but first with her asshole against her concent

If you can get away with it go for it

If not, no

>people are the same as things
autism at its finest

What's it like missing the joke?

Unironically this

autism for it not to be to differentiate on a case by case and humanoid on humanoid basis
stupid schizophrenic

Only men will understand. You boys have fun.

My partner has stopped having sex with me almost completely. I know other people im friends with that would be dtf and my partner doesn't even make me feel attractive anymore. Now they started using a dildo that was for pegging me and is way bigger than me and watching bbc videos, even so far as to masturbate while im downstairs making them a pie. Its making me fucking suicidal bros

>nose ring
>hole in jeans showing off colorful panties
>She already banging half the neighborhood
>If you don't then be prepared to become a cuck

Just let her get blacked. You'll both be relieved!

Judging by that nose ring I'm willing to bet she blew both of those guys while you weren't looking.

I always thought about it but as the years go on I am getting uglier and older. Do it while you can
t. 29 year old boomer

Yep my ex bf cheated on me a couple times. Kept his nudes and I've been posting them ever since.

Don't let yourself fall apart so easily, wtf man?
t. 30 year old guy in great shape

lol fuck dat hoe
stick yo dick elsewhere bro

Should I post them?

If that's her are you 248? Looks like a high school friend of mine

Bruh, look, you ain't married. It ain't "cheating". You're keeping your options open.


Got his snap as well. This is what happens when you cheat

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Being a dicklet has to suck

Should have gone tranny

post yours

How do you know she will eventually cheat? Some girls are actually loyal and if you cheat thinking one day she might then you dont deserve to be in a relationship with anybody

Too much clothes. I can't decide.

Anyone want his snap

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If this is your girlfriend fuck no but if it's not go for it. Just leave it as a one time thing that's how most guys fuck up because they want to continue fucking the new chick and talking on the phone and shit. Hit it and quit it get that nut out of the way.

Thats you.. dont pretend you are not.

If she looks like that she's already cheating on you friendo

Would you like to stick your penis into your friends recent ex who still has his cum festering inside her hole?

nice pic of @ltlyata

Yes, she has man hands

Fucking mugamgo sex ring in her nose you can bet she's fucking niggers while we speak

No, be loyal. Join the best discord server in the world


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Lol dumbass...

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And here we go


Want his snap?

whaaaats her @

whats her @

Oh look this thread again

Yeah - she's cheating on you