Can anyone help me solve this ?

Can anyone help me solve this ?
Its a clue to a geocache location,im in the area only for two days and I'll not get another opportunity to find this particular one.
Im hopeless with math.
Thanks in advance.

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Other urls found in this thread: plot ((0.5+0.5sin(2*pi*t)), (0.5+0.5cos(2*pi*t))), t=0..1 plot ((1/8+3/4max(0, 2t-1)), max(0, 1-2t)), t=0..1 plot ((1/8+3/8max(min(1, 4t), 4t-2)), max(1-2t, 2t-1)), t=0..1 plot ((1/8+3/8min(2, max(0, 4t-1)), 1/4min(16min(t, 1-t), max(12t-5, 7-12t )))), t=0..1 plot (1/8+1/4*max(0, min(1, 4*t-1, 4-4*t),1+4*((3-4*t)*(2*t-1))^.3333), .5*min(2*min(1, 4*t),max(1,4-4*t))), t=0..1

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I would guess the way it works is you're looking for the intersection of those functions.

There is a u such that all of your v(u) functions output the same x/y coordinate and that's your latitude and longitude.

You can probably plot those functions on wolfram alpha to find the intersection. Or if you're good at linear algebra you can find the intersection by hand.

The answer is red

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WTF is a "min" function?

Are you supposed to take a derivative to f(u) = min[ ] and then evaluate where df/du = 0 ?

min means minimum. There is no calculus on this, it is only linear algebra

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Also, one big clue that makes it easier is u is only between 0 and 1 (see 1st line), that means you can plot the functions by brute force and find the intersection and don't have to solve the general case where u can be anything.

>i can't do my homework
Then you should be pushing a mop instead. Alternatively, make it worth our while.

Basically the way to solve is is get all your x functions together and see where they intersect between 0 and 1. Then do the same for all the y functions. That's your answer.

Ive been traveling all over the world looking for geocache locations you mong .
How you doing?

That’s uh... pathetic. Fucking loser

Its a clue to a way beyond homework

Whats pathetic about visiting 8 countries in the last 4 months?
Have you ever been outside your state?

Still can't figure it out.
Its the first clue ive had during all this time ive been doing this that is mathematical, every other clue was generally riddles or cyphers.

Bumping for great justice. plot ((0.5+0.5sin(2*pi*t)), (0.5+0.5cos(2*pi*t))), t=0..1 this is the first "vector". It's a parametric equation for a circle. You can fill all the other ones in and overlay to get your answer. I suspect that it's going to either be a simplified "map" or numbers - probably numbers tho as the "vectors" are numbered 1 to 7.

go on wolfram alpha and figure out how to plot functions, or do this on a spreadsheet.

to make it simple, start out by just plotting the 1st x function (1/2+1/2 sin 2pi u)

Do that for u between 0 and 1 with a .01 resolution if on a spreadsheet.

Then do the same for the 2nd x function (1/8+3/4 max...)

Then look at the two plots and see what they do.

Repeat this for all the other x functions. It probably actually would be easiest to to this on a spreadsheet. Just see what pattern they make when you plot the x data to see what your longitude is.

ok, this is the second one: plot ((1/8+3/4max(0, 2t-1)), max(0, 1-2t)), t=0..1
looks like letter L IMO
It's really not rocket science nigger plot ((1/8+3/8max(min(1, 4t), 4t-2)), max(1-2t, 2t-1)), t=0..1 the third one, looks like letter Y
so far it is either a crappy diagram or letters OLY....

I can't show all of the math, here, because it's too complicated. But it all focuses in on an address in north London. 32 Whalebone Ln, Dagenham, UK. Good luck.

Thanks for your help anons,
But let's face it ,i took calculator math in high school and i got a D ..its like im looking at an alien language.
I guess I'll just loose this one and try and come back next year.
Thanks again.

>linear algebra
The only thing resembling linear algebra here are the V = (x, y) vectors.

Individually, x, y are defined as functions in every instance of the vector V = (x, y)

> (You) plot ((1/8+3/8min(2, max(0, 4t-1)), 1/4min(16min(t, 1-t), max(12t-5, 7-12t )))), t=0..1 fourth one, looks like letter M
so far you got OLYM... I'd guess the fifth one would be P, can't be arsed to do the rest

the last one is A
you got OLYM??A do the rest yourself nigger or take a guess

Thats a huge help user, do you think its two words?
Olympic and Olympus being the first i guess.

i'd say OLYMPIA

Im working on that one now, it looks promising.

wrong, sixth is T, OLYM?TA

Yeah, something isn't right, Olympia is not giving me any results. Just a hotel called Olympia,and im positive it's not it.

Are you in a foreign country OP?

Island of rodos in Greece currently.

Theres a place on that island called Kolimbia, could that be it?
If the first letter is not an O but a K?

the fifth one can't be done by Wolfram due to the third root, the calculation exceeds the max time of the free version plot (1/8+1/4*max(0, min(1, 4*t-1, 4-4*t),1+4*((3-4*t)*(2*t-1))^.3333), .5*min(2*min(1, 4*t),max(1,4-4*t))), t=0..1

v5 is P

Its ok user. I appreciate your help tho.
If i don't get it in the next two days I'll just come back in June. Although it would have been exciting to see what the prize was.

Olympta doesn't make any sense.its not a word.

it is what it is... the letters say OLYMPTA

Fuck me,im officially stumped.
But the difficulty level was a 5 for this one anyway.

let's have a better look: the P looks crooked, like an F with an U attached to it rotated 90deg. Can it be OLYMFTA? OLYMPHTA? if you google for Olymphta Rhodos you get weird shit. Are there any other clues?

Maybe it's an angram

my plato

got it nigger...
N 36 26.906 E 028 13.525
the correct solution was indeed OLYMPIA, there's a validator link at the cache page

>N 36 26.906 E 028 13.525
right in front of the bank of greece building, I'd go at night if I were you

Care to explain how you go from Olympia to the coords?


I'm guessing it plotted the underline for the I on the bottom axis of the graph and made it look like a T

yeah I'd go for way shorter horizontal lines... still, I sort of admire the sick fucker that came up with this, I mean the amount of time he spent on the equations and not on smashing pussy.... then again, it's geocaching, so no smashing in sight for anyone involved

I got it!!!!!!!!
Also found an extra clue...

N 36 26.906 E 028 13.525
Info bonus : Congratulations! The cache is a metal bison tube on a piece of fishing line which will require some significant stealth to extract and replace without muggles seeing you. Please be as discreet as you can be. Good luck! Hint: Keep Right and Look Down.

OP will you go get it now?

the question is OP will you post tits now?

I don't know,its 11 at night its raining and I'll be using a flashlight to find the fishing string ,its in front of a bank,in a foreign country.
What do you think?

Will you post a pic when you find it?


Graph that shit

at least go now and case the joint, look for any cameras etc. Then I'd wait, Friday night is ideal, either play drunk or stupid when caught.. at like 3AM no one will care. There will be some traffic on the road and also maybe at the beach, you wouldn't look that much suspicious.

It's never been outside, actually.

Whatever floats your goat user

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Yes definitely.

Debating if i should go now or tomorrow.
Its raining really bad.

Do it. The rain is actually a good thing. And so what if it's in front of a bank, as long as it's not in any way connected to it, who cares.

I need twenty minutes to get there, I'll make another thread with pictures.

Once again thanks Sup Forums, you guys aren't as useless as they say you are.

I mean these are coordinates to a place he wants to go so........

OP here, after this location im off to Scotland and finally Spain.

Im halfway there guys.

Hey!!! I tripped.

Can't for the life of me get trips or dubs on get threads.


OP? You still here?


You've been given the domain and range of the 'v' function, and values to solve for. But since you are looking for one specific latitude and longitude, then I assume you have a starting 'u' value. You give me the starting 'u' values, and I will give you the 'v' function. Otherwise, good fucking luck with all the retards here on Sup Forums. I have a math degree. The rest have jack shit.

Read the thread you moron.
We already found it.

No, you didnt. It references the location of the original logposting. 22 Lewis Silkin Way, Southampton.

>74 replies
>read the thread
I, as a graduate of a top 10 uni with a math degree and had a $300k/year starting salary, refuse to entertain such a nonsensical wast of time.

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What makes you think you deserve to access the cache if you can't solve the math scumbag? It is clearly a highly advanced pleb filter that shouldn't be interfered with.

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