I want to be hollywood moviestar

I want to be hollywood moviestar
im 28 years old is that to old to start acting school? should i just move to LA and try out to make it?

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Are you opposed to bowing dudes or getting a Tattoo on your junk?

you don't need to go to acting school if you want to do gay porn


not porn

Oh don't worry, you'll be doing gay porn eventually. Those bills aren't gonna pay themselves you know.

nope wrong

Jerry? Jewraldo Rivera, is that you?

Yup right

Quiet spic, normal people are talking

the aspiring actors in la need money thing is a myth


literally just send tom hanks a video of you fucking a baby/kid and he'll help you get in the business. They are almost all satanic pedophiles.


>he doesn't know Hollywood elites are pedos
how new are you user?

were you just born?
Most of Hollywood was diddled when they were young...it's an accepted thing by ALL of the Hollywood actors. It's so prevalent that no one in Hollywood was the slightest bit surprised about any of the Me Too Movement bullshit...because they all already knew that it was and had happened.
You're a fool if you think otherwise.

Florida is where old people go to die and LA is where young people’s dreams die. Best of luck. You’re not too old, but you best believe it’ll be extremely difficult to find consistent acting work and you’ll most likely be tending bar or waiting tables like 98% of the other aspiring actors in that place

>the aspiring actors in la need money thing is a myth
Yeah because money is given out for free as long as you want to be a fucking actor. Did school get out early today?

If you want, but don't get your hopes up. I'll be there next month to pitch my movie series to a bunch of execs. I'm fairly successful but I know I'm probably wasting my time. 2% of books get turned into movies, but you lose 100% of the opportunities you don't try for.

Holy fuck I know alot of people just cherry pick what they want on the internet to reconfirm thier own beliefs but my god. You might be the dumbest fucking person on the entire internet. I say to for it man. The tears in your eyes during your first "gay for pay" video will be cathartic as fuck for me

Want to try to say it to my face IRL? Ill fucking smash your teeth in kid

Sure, then we can get someone to film it I know I cant prove it cause this is the internet but I lift and I know moi tail. Point being when they film you bloody and pissing your self we'll post it on world star and then you'll become M E M E F A M O U S and then your shots of Hollywood will actually be reasonable

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adress loser?

Who told this fucking spic about Sup Forums?