Who is going to vote for the orange retard?

Who is going to vote for the orange retard?

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I sure am Did you see the ICP debate? The Dems have lost their fucking minds.

I don't even understand why libs can't just wait for the fruits of their deceptions.
In 2024 the country will be so brown that a Republican can never win again.
Just chill out and wait. 4 more years of America won't be so bad.

Boomers who think they're fighting against this imaginary sjw leftist enemy. But what can you expect from a clan of vindictive mentally ill bootlickers

I won't be voting, once again. No good candidates.

All the boomers are mentally ill. That's your assertion.
Let me be the first to call you an absolute dipshit.
Go watch some independent documentaries where they interview these idiots protesting. They have no idea what they're protesting about and can't answer basic questions.

I will be for the first time as a Republican. I voted Democrat my whole life but the insane butthurt and endless failed baseless investigations that resulted in nothing but wasted tax money for the last 4 years have turned me away from the Dem. party. I also work too hard to have to support a bunch of freeloaders with med. care and open borders.

I will, not for any political reasons. I just want to see the shitshow for another four years.

Raised democrat, voting for drompf yet again this election. The autistic screeching is music to my ears.

If it keeps pissing you off, I will. :3

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This isn't fooling anyone boomer.
We all see through it. You're like the imaginary "Independent voter".
There's no such thing. We all know what team we're voting for regardless of candidate. And no amount of bullshit could change that.

ah yes. The good ol cherry picked argument that has been picked to feed your viewpoint and make you feel correct. They only show the dumbasses in the crowd so that you can feel validated dear boomer.

Honestly this whole Ukraine investigation and the whole thing about him doing a 180 on campaign Trump's healthcare platform really soured me on him. I'm only going to vote Dem though if Sanders or Yang or Tulsi get in. Everyone else, I'm voting Trump to let the whole thing burn to the ground.

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In light of all their tyrannical / socialist bullshit, I will be voting against every single Democrat in the upcoming elections at every level out of spite.

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>Hi I'm too stupid to read that the comments said independent documentaries

Just kill yourself you pathetic little internet faggot.

You're already at a 40% chance tranny dick sucker

Proves my point. If I dont step in line with Democrats Im ridiculed. Have fun being angry for another 4 years kid.

Hes an idiot with a Sharpie

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>ah yes
>the facts I can't refute
>why do you post these facts
>facts scare me

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When there isn't a valid candidate the only value left is entertainment.

that nigger deserves a nobel prize about as much as my dog does

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I'm running as an independent this year, so far most of my extended family is going to vote for me plus a few people in my hometown. So no, I won't vote for Trump.

Obama getting the nobel was a fucking joke. Now they're going to give that fucking retard Greta the award.

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I can't wait for all the boomers to die off, I genuinely think that will solve our problems

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Is your dog not a good boy?

Biden is orange?

Bitch look like she ready to steal the Declaration of Independence.

Whos going to pay for your welfare and food stamps dumbfuck?

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It's not a lie if you believe it

Dont know of a orange retard running. But I am voting for Trump again

Unless we get based Tulsi, hes going to be the prez til 2025.

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I'm not going to vote for any of those creepy dems
another pedo or a chiog in the whitehouse would be horrendous

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What city in USA would fit me better.

> I don't like trump
> I hate Guns
> I like Men's Soccer
> I'm a fan of Major League Soccer and the US men's soccer team
> I never went to university
> I don't know how to drive
> I use public transport and UBER
> I live with my mother, my brothers and an aunt
> I have a cocker spaniel dog
> I don't drink alcohol
> I don't smoke
> I am against drugs
> I usually walk vastly

also fuck hurricane dorian

That's stupid. You're stupid. By that logic pathological liars aren't actually liars.

Faggot City

Never gonna happen.. Far left retards have hijacked their party


Alaska if you don't mind the cold.

The billionaires who have hoarded wealth since deregulation took off in the 70s. We can make America great again by setting reasonable taxes on the wealthy to fund social services for everyone else. Boomers are the majority standing in the way right now.

not good enough for nobel prize, he does get the milkbone prize pretty regularly

Entitlement bullshit. Get off your phone and fill my combo order already

The far right retards hijacked the Republican party and won.

go back to moscow, commie

wrong af
>more guns than texas
>nothing but drugs
>public transport nonexistent
>literally no soccer

do not come to alaska
we full

What kind of American can't throw a baseball?

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Social services are mostly ok. More heating or cooling assistance would be a great thing depending on the area but I dont see people starving. There has to be a give and take because the government shouldnt incentivize joblessness.

Who else is there to vote for?

Me, just to spite you

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I wish that was true

i am voting by mail as soon as possible
i got based ron desantis into office

Offshore accounts snowflake. Offshore accounts will kill off your pipe dream once they try to "reasonably" tax the wealthy.

Sorry, I assumed that we were supposed to make suggestions for curing his faggotry.

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Who the fuck else is there to vote for? Gabbard would be best, Yang at least seems to have some decent ideas, but they're never getting the nomination... Biden, Sanders and Warren are all repugnant, and Trump isn't SO awful I'd spring for one of those three.

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Wheres the video to this pic?

Me. I can't support the lefts bullshit anymore. Even though it will postpone the things I want to happen, like legalized weed, I'd rather laugh at the butthurt of him getting a second term.

More than you can imagine

And once more it seems that Trump will win, not by being good but by being slightly less shit than the other options.

>I dont see people starving.
Come on out to Los Angeles or even certain areas of San Diego we'll show you starving.

>I dont see people starving

That's you. That's what you sound like.

Use some of the funds to track down and punish tax evasion more harshly and close some of the legal loopholes in tax law. Also, you have no idea what will happen. You're just using a hypothetical based on your feelings or the feelings that conservative media has told you to feel.

Yeah, they didnt lose their mind, they never had much to begin with. Top kek.

This user is a prime example of why we need voted ID, nobody wants him to vote more than once.


Voter id is great because it keeps the blacks and poors from voting

>pro gun
>fiscally left leaning
>fuck tweakers
>fuck trannies
>fuck off we're full
>save the planet
>corporations = slavery
Anyone else know this feel? Can't support any of these clowns.
A lot, tons of fat fucks in the US.
I simply don't trust the bitch. She'll criticize the Saudis, but wants to be best buds with Israel still.

rolling for this
if i get trips put women on the novote list also

I'm not unsympathetic to those less fortunate. I just see a lot of people think they will just do drugs and live off welfare because their parents did it. As a society we need people to apply themselves. For the overall economy and those peoples lives to have meaning. It's not a simple issue, itd be great if it was.

Orange Man bad? So original.. so brave

Me, because of this post. Keep up the good work, user!

Because blacks are too stupid to register. How very racist of you. Anyone opposing voter ID is a racist bigot.

ron pauls been president for life since he ran

murder johnathon ii pine gap au nsa usa fragile x syndrome fxs

How so?

Youre whole post is hypothetical and speculative bullshit stupid. Everyone who you disagree with is not a conservative. No wonder the Dems. are losing voters on a daily basis. You run them out with your liberal presumptions and discrimination.The party of tolerance has quickly turned into the party of screeching whiny children.

Georgia is a good example. They implement voter id laws then close dmv offices in black communities.

Atlanta doesnt have dmv?



>entire post is a whiny rant
>blames libs for whining

So absolutely no one in Georgia gets to vote?

Is Atlanta the only black community in Georgia?

No rebuttal?
I win
You lose

That’s always the case. Your supposed to vote against the guy you hate, not who is best or good.

Give me examples? I just went to Georgia.gov and they gave numerous ways to get the proper ID.

If they can't be bothered to move a few miles then they don't care enough to be worth worrying about.

Other retards

Bootlickers? Trump base?

>Give me examples?
No. Look it up on your own. Try staying away from shitty conservative news outlets and mentally unstable YouTube hosts. Let me know when you have proven me wrong.

Totally, those lazy blacks can't even be bothered to pack up everything they own and move their families into areas with higher cost of living.

That’s pretty basic, and would fit any costal city.
But you are a liar and you do drink. But only sours with an extended pinky, so Id say Portland

The nobel committee is liberal. They give awards like candy to liberals.

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me!!! because i hate rabit leftists even more

Or just, you know, register online.