Getting thc vape carts online?

Getting thc vape carts online?

I live in nc and for a short time I could get thc carts. I can't smoke because of where I live and the vape was a godsend.

Anyway, I decided to look online and I can't find anything that would ship to me in nc. Some guy told me he got some stuff off the "dark web" but I doubt that.

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Bump for help

you can make your own

How so? I mainly need the cartridge so I don't have to deal with plant material, equipment, smell, etc

It's easier and far harder to detect and that's what I need

where in NC? I might be able to hook you up with my guy.

Wayne Co area

Op here

Any legit websites would be welcome as well

Bump for hope


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SOMEONE has to have some info!

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Are there even still online black markets that can be used without tor since it got compromised? How does anyone find those sites?

I'm not giving up, I know someone here knows

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OP. I live where they are legal I can just buy them and mail them to you.

Thc carts in the mail is a crime.

A crime that you typically will not get away with. There are people called postal inspectors and thats what they do all day.

It's getting to be a bitch to find cart dealers where I live. One's that I do find are typically shit and overpriced.

I'd suggest investing in a dry herb vape and just buying weed and keeping it in an air tight jar or tupperware. There would be very minimal weed smell if at all, and you can just light a candle before you start.

Writing from experience I used to dry herb vape a wall away from my parents around 2012, they never had a clue.

Goldsboro bro? U know those carts are what was sending ppl to hospital right??

Synthetic thc will kill you. Just go to the hood and get weed

Have you ever done that before? I'd be interested

I have heard similar things but I saw

Which says they ship to us no problem etc but you have to order huge quantity. I'd assume with something as small as a cartridge, it might be tough to find as many as probably go through the system every time. Depending on how their packed

Yeah, around there. I got it from a trusted guy, I've only gone through one guy I got my bud from. It had legit package and design that matched what the manufacturer company had online. It's been fine but it's about gone, which is why I'm looking elsewhere. I would just get bud any other time, but it's hard to burn where I currently live.

I did consider a dry vape as I had one many years ago but I did like the cart

If its from an out of country source that would be even more difficult because then instead of clearing postal inspectors it would also have to clear federal customs and state customs.

Exactly, it's bullshit. It's why I have tried to look anywhere possible

U say where u currently live like u live on sjafb rip if so

They don’t check domestic or overseas lmao I’ve ordered so many things you think they check your one little package with millions coming in and out on time restrictions daily? Your paranoid and don’t know how the world works

What kind of things do you usually order?

Sauce plz

That's all I've got off those two, maybe try a reverse image search