How do you guys think my beard is coming along? Like 3 weeks progress

How do you guys think my beard is coming along? Like 3 weeks progress

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cool beard sorry for these people calling you the n word

>cocoa butter
>beard oil
or a combo of the 3


and fucking brush it daily


id trim it cause its kind patchy
maybe add some strips
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>use the app to fund its design

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Lookin' good, dude. A little patchy, but still looks cool



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Fuck all these other assholes. Here's some advice from a fellow beardo.

I'd shave those cheeks a bit if It appears to be growing in thin. Keep the chinstrap and a little under the chin but keep the neck clean.
Grooming is very important if you want to not look insane. Set your trimmer to the largest size you can. If you're not confident I'd say visit a barber at least once every month.
Good luck user.


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do you go to a larger college in the Midwest?

Nah, I go to college in the northeast

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what college if you dont mind

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Beard looks fine. Just stick to black girls and we're good.

Pretty good man. With as full as your goatee/stache comes in, you could try keeping that and shaving the rest out.

Don't forget to file your taxes. Your beard looks okay. Trim it up though.


an NY college is as far as I'll tell
Good, racemix what do i care

Brush it down keep growing

Pavement ape

are you going to grow it out more?

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I'm unsure what to do with it, this is my first time going so long without shaving.
I think this'll be as much as I grow it and I'll get an electronic razor later and start trimming

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