Sissy fag here. Ama

Sissy fag here. Ama

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ever consider losing weight for long term health

Actually on a work out regiment to get skinnier

running a mile burns the same amount of calories as eating two oreos
a diet is what you need, not an exercise plan

What's it like being locked up?

I'm doing that too. On a ketogenic diet with an emphasis on vegetables.

Do you have pride in yourself?

I love it! It's like edging but with more denial. Makes anal play a lot better too since you focus solely on pleasure from being fucked.

When was the last time you got laid?

Yes and no. I am proud of being a sissy but I love to be humiliated and degraded for it.

With a woman? Over 5 years now. I haven't been with a man yet. Want to be skinnier before I do. Also a little nervous to as well.

One meal a day , under 800 calories . No carb . Be skinny in 6 months . I went from 350 to 170 in a year . And never felt better . It felt great the entire time . Never starved or felt like torture . The progress and milestones only encouraged me more . Especially my dick size and the quality of sex . If you are fat this protocol works . Probably dangerous for people with only a few lbs to lose but for far people it’s safe . People say you “can’t lose weight that fast “ bullshit . I lost and I’ve kept it off .

Are you straight ? (Like women)

Ass looks aight .

Happy for you. I use to be skinnier but got depressed. Since I've accepted myself. I am much happier

I consider myself bisexual. I've crossdressed since I was 11 and been curious about men.

love this experts lol
choose dies which will not damage your body,
dont not do just silly forced shit which aims for fat loosing exclusively

Thank you!

During very depressed/anxious/manic states I’ve dabbled with the idea maybe as coping mechanism but being healthy I have no interest . How do you feel about that statement ?

Especially during very a very painful seperation . Have you been hurt by a woman ? Really curious user

> Wyatt man

I was more depressed when I didn't act this way. Now I am happier. I know it's not for everyone but I like it.

I have had bad break ups, sure. I wouldn't say any of it drove me to this. I have been crossdressing since I was 11 so it started before I was in a relationship