How do you cope with loneliness, Sup Forums?

How do you cope with loneliness, Sup Forums?

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I smoke a fuckload of pot and play vidya. Pot makes me focus on vidya. Vidya makes me forget about my shitty life. Been going strong for years

> sleep
> alchol & weed
> vidya
> fucking traps off grindr
> learning / studying for school
I have very little friends. No GF because I dont want to restrict myself to one person. Dunno man just get a hobby

>make a discord account
>join a big server filled with people who are in voice chat 24/7
>join chat and talk to people online

congrats you are alone but wont feel like it because you are always interacting with at least someone

Simple, take a close look at the shithead morons you have to encounter every day and be thankful when you're not near any of them.

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>fucking traps off grindr

based coping with harmful distractions user.... I recently gave up alcohol, thinking of replacing it with weed.

get a job?

to say something like that to a depressed faggot! it's the same thing as saying travel to the moon to someone who works..

just got fired desu. The job was still only a distraction, still felt lonely every time I got home and when i woke up in the morning.

Not really.. If you're that depressed, you need to seek medical help.

get a hobby and do it with others who are like- minded.

yeah, I do need to get more social. When I was social I at least felt less lonely.
Still doesn't help the tfw no gf though :(
But at least friends are something.

First ask yourself: Was it my fault? Did I ask for it? Is there something that's still worth figthing for? And if most of those were negative like me then you could go insane like GG Allin, getting drunk and literally shitting on people but living his life, after all... what really matters?

you can get a girl friend if you want. you have to try in most instances tho. the thing to remember is, a gf will not make you happy. it will fill a void. what makes humans happy is having a feeling of accomplishment as well as the ability to help others.

half the reason I feel like a failure is the lack of a gf so having a gf would be a feeling of accomplishment

murder all nsa genetically dclxvi

not lonely but wish i was

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>not lonely but wish i was
Okay but wtf is the rest of your post about?

I got used to it, it is a long process but in the end it's not that bad
at first I always used to ask people when I wanted to do stuff (like cinema, having a drink). I rember I used to say 'if you want, we can do...'
Then I realize I shouldn't say that, why would my life should depend on the choice of others?!
So I started to do stuff alone (going to cinema, I never went having a drink alone though)
I agree it's still funnier with friends, but at least I do more stuff

>the thing to remember is, a gf will not make you happy. it will fill a void

cause niggas are not slaves anymore

Heavy drinking
Sup Forums

>doing stuff alone
that's something I recently discovered and wish I had started sooner. I used to never do anything alone and wouldn't do anything unless a friend would. But now fuck it, if I want to go on a road trip I go on a fucking road trip.

Work, video games, and weed

If you dont enjoy been with yourself why should anybody else?

i do nothing until i feel better

Been this way, used tinder to find a girl, turned out to be a slut who doesnt remember how many people she had sex with and then I came back to this

This. It might not make things better but it makes things less shit.

Unless your working with shit heads, then it's so much worse.

source for the stock image on the left

Yes. Also cannot understate the benefits of debauchery. Dont look for someone to love. Get your dick wet. Grindr, Whisper, and Tinder all work wonders.

I convince myself I'm superior to all women and that I'm the one who rejects them, not the other way around

Just kidding, I'm a functional human being

By not being lonely.

>I'm a functional human being
still you're here

why not? i'm bored

>t. woman

this. look for enemies, not friends. find a decent god for yourself and obey it.

I don't like sex without the feeling of love

Making weird videos

I don't get it

By joining and fun and always active discord server


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