That one fag user is finally gone edition. bonus points for panda girls

that one fag user is finally gone edition. bonus points for panda girls

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fuck i forgot the title

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Are you here,closet furry-user? :3

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s/fur btw

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i think he might actually be gone. what a shame

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wtf happened in the last thread? to lazy to read

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Children being children. One kid has done that every day for 2.5 years. Dude needs some help.

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some closet furfag came in and started posting 5 year old ''haha furry bad'' memes

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unf the thickness is real

I posted in the wrong thread kek, post more Isabelle bro

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i mean, i don't get why people get so triggered with furries. lolis are far worse imo

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hooray for furiday!
ready for this week to be over

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if it's isabelle you want, then it's isabelle you shall receive

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I can kinda understand in some cases
the furry behavior I see sometimes at work is really cringey and obnoxious, posting porn all over social media and erping in public and stuff
I feel like that kind of thing is par for the course on Sup Forums though so I dunno why people get so worked up when they see it here

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bless your kind heart lmao
just dump it all, it's been a few days so I'm gonna bust hard

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i think it's kinda like "people don't like it, so i will not like it either"

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It goes against social conventions because they're sexualized animals, and people get butthurt when they find out they're actually pretty sexy

I really don't understand that kind of behavior. Why would people post furry porn all over social media? I even got rid of the 2 furry profile pics I had on Discord and Xbox because I don't like being associated with those kind of furries at all.

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holy fuck new interest get, more like this

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it's mostly just dumb kids who don't know any better
feel bad for 'em when the realize in a few years that all their cringey postings are public and more or less permanent

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I mean I post some embarrassing or personal stuff here from time to time, but it's not gonna show up in grandma's feed the next day

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I want to bury my face in this so badly

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That's what I figured. I feel bad for them too. I mean, I had a furry profile pic on Facebook for a short time before I was a furry because it was a musician's character, then immediately changed it when I realized what I had done lol.
>no regerts

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dont fucking stop, holy shit this is good stuff

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panda girls really are something else, aren't they?

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more isabooty and thighs

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i had my fursona on discord and telegram.
the other day i realized that i have a coworker on telegram so he can se it lmao

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>i had
i have*

I mean there's nothing wrong with a profile picture, or some sfw art
it's the public inflation porn and "OwO *nuzzles bulge* daddy want cummies :333" bs that has me scratching my head

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I have my brothers on discord, and used Zoqi for a long time (I blame drugs) but they've known I'm a furry for a long time. I just use a pic of wizard Varg Vikernes now.

Yeah, I really don't understand that stuff. I think they just see it as funny and as a weird joke? Porn has really messed with this generation's heads. Poor kids.

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I am sorry you have a fursona, a discord, and a telegram. Tough luck. Hope you get well someday.

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>non lewd Isabelle still exuding a palpable sexiness
I love it

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i always wonder what are they going to think when they grow older? because you sure can still like furry art. but you sure can't still be such a retard

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Yeah, it's tough when your relatives give up on you and don't want to help.

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a lot of them live in internet bubbles with basically no parental or community support, so they have very skewed sense of 'normal'. Seems to be the case with most social media addicts, really
there will be some major societal consequences to this in another 10 or 15 years, but I dunno what exactly they'll be
most of these people aren't going to simply "grow up" and adapt to normal society, they'd have to be dragged kicking and screaming from these bubbles

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i also got your mom's number

how you dare to replace zoqi!?

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Ouch, my sensitive widdle fee-fees!!

Unfortunately, I can sympathize with that a bit. I was an asshole and weird when I started using social media as a young teenager. I still don't want to leave my internet bubble, it's rather comfy and safe.

Eh, I just didn't want a furry guy to define me. I figured it was time I move on to something different and less cringy. Hell, maybe one day I'll be gone and only show up once every few months, if I start working and start a band. Now that I'm making money working for my parents, I'll have a car within the next 6 months. It'll be pretty fucking great to get away from this place tbh, no offense to y'all.

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well, with this "do whatever the fuck you want" trend that has been going on for some years, now i can deff see people cassualy walking by with their fursuirs on

you work for your parents now? that's awesome! i didn't know that

>It'll be pretty fucking great to get away from this place tbh
i don't think you will, tbh. you might stop posting just to come back once in a while

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noooooo... making me wanna bust again .-.

I've been doing some data entry for the webstore the past couple days. It'll probably be pretty easy today, just copying and pasting a few things since it's basically the same category. Nothing feels any different because I'm still at my computer all day long, but it's nice to focus on something for a few hours or more, rather than be on Sup Forums and discord.

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do it. or don't, no rush. waiting a couple days in between nutting always makes it better

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plus you'll make some money
which car do you have in mind?

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But I'll definitely be escaping Sup Forums as much as I can when I get my life on track. I've done absolutely nothing but collect and post furry porn for the last 7 years. Once I have a car and a license, I'll start going to school, and hopefully start a band as well. This summer is when shit gets real for me. Not necessarily a resolution, but moving towards goals I've had for many years.

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but the butts.. the spread legs.. the sexy facial expressions.. it's too much ;-;
my only other option is just closing the thread and I reeeally don't want to do that

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I have more pandas, too.

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i hope everything goes butter smooth for you!

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>7 years of furry porn

mate, you can't just escape Sup Forums without posting that.

That being said, hope everything turns out well.

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