Why did liberals ruin the Witcher?

Why did liberals ruin the Witcher?

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Because they ruin everything

But why

Cuckholds like to pretend they are victims even if it means demeaning themselves and making "reparations" tthrough stupid actions like inserting laughably high ratios of races into places they don't belong. Because "muh white guilt".

The thing about it that's really fucking dumb is that it was a fairly liberal book series but they destroyed all the nuance of it. The changing of characters races, misrepresenting the elven story and completely fucking up the climate change aspect of the story was unbelievably retarded

It's funny though how whites aren't inserted like this into nigger shows and movies

That was the whole point. They fucked it up on purpose. Because it's a "white" story and in the year 2020 we can't have that. Watch, in a few years they're going to do the same thing to LOTR.

It's pathetic they hate whites so much they'd willingly destroy an amazing pre built way of pushing their agendas

Why do diehard capitalists complain that capitalism is working as intended? Clearly these choices are made because they bring in more views you dumb fucks

The only impact it had on the show was Triss' casting, which is wrong all over.
Every other instance did not effect anything whatsoever.

Why do retards continue to bitch about shows they don't like?

They didn't, your mom did

cool national debt....cucked faggot repubs

What the hell does the Witcher have to do with capitalism? You forget to take your retard pills this morning?

Hey retard, we're talking about liberals. Try to keep up.

I'm talking about people constantly moaning about black characters in tv shows. It's a result of the system that they love. It's not really hard to grasp

Imagine that jon snow would be a nog.

There are three (3) different media to the witcher stories. Enjoy the one you like best and shut the fuck up you melting snowflake.


The two are not even remotely related. What "system" are you talking about? Do you even know? And it's not that it has black people that is the problem. Why was it necessary to replace multiple white women with non-whites, all of whom look disgusting? Why was that needed? Also, why are all the women in this show out of shape? This is now common fucking practice, where dudes have to be jacked and look like fucking super models while the women are ugly as shit and do zero exercise. You wanna explain that?

>Hurr durr I don't like this show. Fuck liberals Hurr durr.

Please kys OP

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stfu faggot

Okay let me spell it out for you, dumb hick. Hiring actors that aren't white is currently a trend because it brings in more viewers. More viewers means more money, the ultimate goal of capitalism is to make as much money as you can. So obviously you're going to go with what does exactly that. Was that simple enough?

Not who you are replying to.
You wanna explain how the women not being hot enough for you triggered you so bad you had to run and cry about it on /b cause “mommy they ruined my vidya game show!”

Kek this

If they where historically accurate with the time piece of this fantasy show the women would be unshaven no makeup fucked up teeth straw for hair. Is that what you want?

And when ratings are down in season 2 and nobody wants to watch this bullshit, what excuse are you going to use?

Ain't nobody triggered. I'm asking questions. Do questions and facts scare you?

Except all of what you said is complete and utter bullshit. This ain't a show about fucking Africa.

You're right, this is instead a show about a fictional story in a fictional setting with fictional characters you dumb twat.

Nothing liberal about it, the show will have a larger following if it includes more races, thus making more money.

Because beta tepublican cock suckers deserved to be cucked.

Ratings aren't going to drop because there's black people in the show, they do their research. Sorry but you're the minority outrage in this topic, most people really don't care

To piss you off specifically OP, because no one else actually gives a shit.

Maybe a little bit. But it was mainly Netflix that ruined The Witcher.

Right, it's fictional, so therefore in season 2 fried chicken and Tom Brady will be included. It's fictional so that is allowed and no one can complain.

likewise. its just a fucking tv show, who cares?

Minority my ass. Almost every rating site, including metacritic, blasted this ridiculous horse shit show. To the point that Netflix had to fudge their own ratings like the fucking snowflakes they are, because nobody wants to watch their gay leftist show.

Tom Brady is not fictional last I checked.

And that is the problem

>Cuckholds like to pretend they are victims even if it means demeaning themselves and making "reparations" tthrough stupid actions like inserting laughably high ratios of races into places they don't belong.
It's hilarious that you're mad about the historical accuracy of a show about monsters and dragons and magic.

Sure he is, so season 2 can have fried chicken and Tom Brady. It's fictional so everything is on the table, according to people like you.

>show about monsters and dragons and magic.
Right, so fried chicken and Michael Jordan will be in season 2

You are talking about "professional" reviewers, yes? Because no one actually cares what they have to say, and viewer reviews are mostly positive.

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Yeah, that's how fiction works stupid.
Good to know I helped you learn something today user, here's another, stop eating crayons, they're making you retarded.

They could be if they really wanted, but since the writers are only slightly less retarded than you, it most likely won't happen.

You are just making yourself look more and more like a mouth-breathing hillbilly, instead of the wise debater you think you are.

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>stop eating crayons,
They taste burning.

Money talks retard, welcome to capitalism Cletus

I'm really curious about how they ruined it. I don't see how a character's race would be important to that story. It's not like it's a story about Hitler where they made Hitler black.

micheal bay seems to be rolling in money, yet every rating site blasts his movies.
wonder why that is...it's almost like those sites don't actually matter...

for one thing, there was a black elf, elves are European mythical creatures. portraying them as black is as inaccurate as it is offensive.

lel, next you'll say jesus was actually white.

You seem, upset? Do facts make you upset or what?

No, it will happen. Season 2 will have fried chicken, Tom Brady and basketball. And they're also going to include Mustangs and guitars. And no one can complain because it's fantasy bro.

No I'm talking about user reviews. In other words, the non-paid for kike reviews from "writers" who have faggy English degrees and can't get a real fucking job.

>It's fictional so everything is on the table
That's quite literally what fiction is, lmao

>European mythical creatures
What about dark elves...they are dark. Also as you said it they are mythical creatures. They are made up.
Also, how does the race of of elves change the plot.It doesn't.

Michael Bay is a fucking kike and the only people who like his terrible movies are little kids and literal retards. So which one of those 2 things are you?

Right, so fried chicken and michael jordan are in season 2

>No I'm talking about user reviews.
Did you miss the part where I said those were mostly positive? or did you just ignore it to better fit your narrative?

who gives a fuck a about jesus
it distracts from the authenticity to have negroid elves

It was a pretty great show. I hope they keep making more of it. Take the stick out of your ass and enjoy life a bit.

Sure, if that's the way the story should progress.

Boobzilla :3

lol, the entire argument is that the reviews don't actually fucking matter. if retards and kids make him money, he'll never stop making movies.

They aren't though. So why are you lying like a fucking kike ass bitch?

Uh huh, and why does this not apply to black panther?

In Norse mythology, there are dark-skinned elves, as evidenced in Norse writings from the 1200s.

>trisha merigoblina
>paki yennefer
>nigger amazon dryads
>nigger ugly elves
>ciri la creatura
>scrotum armor
>cahir raping vilgepoo, the god tier mage villain
>that clapping scene
>that dragon
>that foltest
>that calanthe
>granny coral
>witcher of steel
>fucked up timelines
>aretuza magic eels
>the whole doppler shit
>from 'the wolven storm' to 'LOL TOSS A COIN TO YA WITCHUH'
>no essi daven and mermaid, nivellen and bruxa sidestories because muh strong independent hunchback backstory

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>You seem, upset? Do facts make you upset or what?
You're the one bitching about a show.

yes, dark skinned. not negro

If reviews don't matter then why do companies pay for good reviews? Why does Netflix rig it's own rating system?

>Historical accuracy
Kek loser, its changing the source material. History is being blacked but this is a separate matter entirely. Why not let everything you love and/or enjoy get changed to fit someone else's political agenda?

I am so happy I don't live my life trying to find new ways to be angry

>it distracts from the authenticity to have negroid elves
Oh, what? You haven't answered my question. None wherein plot does race(skin color)actually play into anything. Also, what a weird and hard take for something that has billons of a different version.
the hard truth is your elves are white they are shit elves. The actual description of elves are more similar to Post-surgery south Koreans.

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What's it like living without sunlight and fresh air?

I'm really curious about what the difference is to you. Please post examples.

>They aren't though. So why are you lying like a fucking kike ass bitch?
>IMDb - 8.5/10
>Metacritic - 7.7/10
>Google reviews - 4.7/5
>Rotten Tomatoes - 93%
I know it's hard for you to grasp, or even do a simple google search, but those all all higher than half, which makes them mostly positive.

>Why not let everything you love and/or enjoy get changed to fit someone else's political agenda?
Why is your political agenda only tied to race? We both know you didn't bitch when the video games came out and they massively changed the source material. I also bet you don't bitch at every variation of Orc or Elf in other things. It's only when a black person has the role you bitch.

dark, or swarthy skin types don't have the negro facial features, which I find repugnant.
then why not fill the roles with asians ?

>then why not fill the roles with asians ?
There were.

so in the witcher world (medieval fantasy europe/poland) elves, dwarfs and gnomes get exterminated in pogroms because they are different, but niggers dont? it doesnt have sense, go back to suck bbc leftard

For Glob's sake, please stop feeding this troll.


All of you cucks know this user is right.


>Why does Netflix rig it's own rating system?
lol, how?
the rating system has been gone for years now.

Okay you're fucking stupid. I'm done replying to you.

I love how you accuse him of being tied up in race. That is literally how the left is today. You people can't go one day without bringing up race. Why was it needed to have this show dominated by blacks? Why were white chars replaced with them? If race doesn't matter, why bother doing that?

>elves, dwarfs and gnomes get exterminated in pogroms because they are different
You need to actually read the books. They didn't get exterminated because they were different.
I also like how you are trying to convince me your hate isn't tied to racism, but you drop nigger like it's nothing.

>which I find repugnant.
I love this argument, because you cunts bitch about "bu da politicul agenduhs!", when in reality, you want them to cater to YOUR political agendas.

You aren't helping yourself with that sentiment, the more of us who realize corporatism is all for the mixing of the races because it means more obedient slaves too stupid to reason themselves out of a paper bag the sooner the far right swing gains speed.

>Okay you're fucking stupid. I'm done replying to you.
kek, you sure showed me how wrong I was.

>Small brain

>Why was it needed to have this show dominated by blacks?
there were at most like 5 blacks, lmao


Niggers are ugly, stupid and violent; their stupidty and violence accentuates our impression of their aesthetics,stop hiding from reality cuck, niggers can't make a civilization and they inherently destroy society, culture and civilization.

Niggers belong in Africa or 6 feet under.

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This. If there was a single dollar to be made catering to the 'neck demographic, wouldn't the big, scary (((they))) be falling over themselves to do it? Maybe the Sup Forums holes can help you with the gaps in your logic.

>Producer-chan said as she smirked wickedly
>Heh, that takes care of that troll...
>She sipped her rose petting her cat

>I love how you accuse him of being tied up in the race
Because it's true. You guys are arguing over the race of a creature that doesn't actually exist in real life.
>Why was it needed to have this show dominated by blacks?
Outside of black extra that shows only had like 4 characters who were black and had lines in the movie. Saying black people dominated the show is a downright lie.