How do I turn $600 into $1200? Legality is not relevant

How do I turn $600 into $1200? Legality is not relevant.

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take scissors
cut in half

trips of logic and reasoning

Bet it all on black

Cut the bills in half. You know have double!

I know a guy that works for Western Union and he knows a trick to add a zero at the end of your transaction.
You put in $1200 and you get $12000 minus a small fee

First we need to forget the value of money

Don't be a retard user. Banks check their cash total every day, and they'd notice instantly if they were $10800 short compared to the amount of deposits recorded.

Then the first thing they think is "hmmm, what was this suspicious large $12000 cash deposit user's guy recorded".

You can't really be stupid enough to believe this.

you multiply it by 2

Just put your $600 on a blackjack hand or a roulette spin. Almost a 50/50 chance of doubling up.

Horse track.
Most $2 trifectas will pay out like $400 or more each.

>buy $500 of pasta
>splurge the final $100 on sauce
>mix that shit up in your pockets
>go around asking charging $1 to feel in your pockets
>after 1200 customers, pockets burst open
>spaghetti gone everwhere

That's because the bet is so fucking unlikely to win. You'd be better off betting big on a safer bet, if you really want to try doubling your money.

five to ten years in stable dividend stocks

park it forget it

You're better off not betting because that's basically a stupidity tax

>buy $600 of bitcoin
>wait for prices to rocket again
>keep waiting
>sell all your bitcoin for $3.50
>whore out your body on the street

Agreed, unless you're just doing it for occasional fun.

But if OP seriously was stupid enough to want to double his money quick by any means, I still think betting it all on a hand of blackjack gives him reasonable odds.

>invest in $600 of meth
>try a tiny amount just to test the purity
>bag all that shit up ready for street sales
>just try a little bit more
>DAMN this some good shit
>get addicted to meth
>stop caring why you needed $1.2k

Bet. Doesn't have to be stupid. Put it on a 5/4, evens, or a 3/1 on. Smaller returns, but whatever profit you make can be put back on something else

You guys suck at making money

Put it in a growth index fund like Vanguard and leave it until it become $1200.

>spend the $600 on a suit, a haircut and some CV advice
>apply for fulfilling and upwardly-mobile employment
>get an interview and hit it off with the boss
>he's a cool dude and don't afraid of anything
>work your way up the company
>starting to feel like a real functioning man
>play racketball every saturday with the boss
>steal his credit card from the lockers
>get £1.2k off that bitch and never go back

Based britboi


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resume? I don't speak fluent american

another option for OP:
>buy $600 of GBP sterling
>wait for the amerifat economy to crash
>buy $1.2k back with your money
>realise $1.2k is the cost of one hamburger >why we lose Iranian war and oil monopoly?