So Elon screw us all, what does Sup Forums tards think about that?

So Elon screw us all, what does Sup Forums tards think about that?

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Even Sup Forums knows space is really fucking big. What's the problem?

Yeah elon is of all time...!!..!

it's a disaster for astronomers

The problem is that I do not want to see a fucking satelite everytime I look up in the sky at night.
Pic related, that what you see on a telescope when the spacelink staelites pass by. you can also see them with the naked eyes.

Plus it cames from a company that advertised itself as, "we are gonna go to mars", but end up developing a reusable cheap launcher and then 2 years later does this shit.
All for a fucking service we do not need. wired internet is fucking fine more cost efficient and much more manageable than launching 12000 fucking satellites in the sky.

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And no, you do not need to have a 5G access while in the ass of tanzania.

and future astronauts


Yes, the number in addition to the amazon equivalent project and a thirf company who does the same shit I do not remember will be great enough to reach the Kessler syndrome which would make space unreacheable for hundread of fucking thousand years.

Also that, from that to using the network as massive monitoring, there is only one step.

The Tanzanians likely disagree. Not everywhere has copper/fiber in the ground

I am pretty sure they got wire connexion in cities in tanzania...

The "we will bring internet to all" is just fucking marketing and image manipulation.

I'm sure they do. As of 2018 2/3 of their population is rural.

I kekked

Well, they can slowly wire their countries in area where it's not wired. Like we do everywhere else no?
maintaining a fleet of satelite instead of a few relays is a bad idea. Period.

That would take decades and resources they and much of the developing world don't have. Wireless is far cheaper and scales better.

Astronomers will adapt to slower viewing windows and they already subtract satellite and aircraft artifacts from long captures all the time. I bet some postdoc has a machine learning algorithm to do it for Starlink satellites by the end of the year.

Hopefully Starship working out will allow for larger space telescopes to be launched/assembled to compensate. Maybe JWST will launch someday too.

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because you think 12k satellite will be enough to handle the world data? Not so sure it scales that well. It's only the beginning...

Dragon capsule in-flight abort test tomorrow, gonna blow up the rocket.

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We can agree on that.

>Sup Forums

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Ladies and gentlemen, there a lot of peopleith a lot of money in a short position on Tesla. They like to spread Fear, Uncertianity, and Doubt on anything related to Elon Musk.

That is all.

I might not get to watch live but I'll be checking /sfg/ for the aftermath footage. Hopefully this dragon doesn't explode, then we can start putting people on it finally.

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>there are a lot of people with a lot of money in a short position on Tesla

[citation needed]

I think that dumbcunt should be sent to Mars via any possible means after having been burnt to ashes to avoid any contamination of the martian soil and possible microbiotic biosphere. Sorry for my english.

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>Maybe JWST will launch someday too.

WHEN ? ....for god's sake...

Only 25 years and counting!
I bet a few anons here are younger than it.