New trap /CD/Femboy thread? The old one's at limit so I thought I'd start a new one with some pictures I took today ;)

New trap /CD/Femboy thread? The old one's at limit so I thought I'd start a new one with some pictures I took today ;)

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thanmks op

need more trap bulges pls

>that setting
>that lingerie
>those thighs
>that bulge

such perfection

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Cerise is back on social on Twitter
Message him you degenerate fucks so we can convince him to keep himself locked up and start hrt.

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Nice soft skin, as always, but nice quality pics too, what do you use to make these?

Classic 10/10

My ass is ready for your service:)

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Would love to put you over my knee and spank that ass till it was red and you're promising me that you'll be a good girl.

dont totally have a folder filled with your pics, so you better keep posting them

You're welcome

>that setting
That's just my bed
>that lingerie
A fan bought it for me this week :)
>those thighs
All the better to crush you with
>that bulge
All the better to choke you with ;)

I have a DSLR

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C-crush? C-CHOKE?

Those are cute little nipples
I bet you have a nice girly ass

I'm always good boy:)

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Id let you drink straight from the tap

Just started crossdressing, please don't be mean

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also nice legs qt ;)

Looking good now show off that ass


this bread needs moar pink pink

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You need chastity

its cerise, shes a cute

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Got to love AlmostToast
He's the best sissy around

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nice hips


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I really do

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I prefere uncut.

She's cute. Would go out with and show my parents.

Could we see more of that bulge? ;x

your pics are always incredibly good! your attention to detail and dedication definitely show! also you have gorgeous legs and and an amazing ass!


thanks :)

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fuck, spread those cheeks




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Juanita Diva

is one

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Needs to be sucked

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Posting for a friend

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I want to lick

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High heels and nice ass, good combo

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Man you got my cock diamonds
Would love to bend you over and fuck your brains out then paint your face white

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Nicely plump and shaved
Perfect for fucking
Overall you've got a good start
To improve you need to get rid of that muscle tone and you need more girl clothes
start with panties, bra, corsets, and heels
Then work your way up to full outfits
Keep it up you'll make a fine slut

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Yeah, of course :D

Thank you, I honestly try really hard to make the pictures something special for people to look at :)

Thank you

Absolutely stunning, you remind me of an ex

Gosh, me too!

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I forgot to add a pic :D

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I bet you'd have the cutest little bulge in a chastity