The teen goddess

the teen goddess

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moar ?

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Yeah MOAR !

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Don't stop dude, she's awesome !

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I want to pump triplets into her

Holy fukk. How old? And moar.

She's so hot I'm laughing, it's nervous lmao

too young to be true

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< 16?

That's right, i don't believe my own eyes


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Christ. MOAR


she knows how to raise a cock

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Explain, the world needs to know

If there's no nudes of those tits, who cares.

nothing to explain, doesn't she make u hard?

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This. GTFO you purple-faced hyperventilating fuckwad

Mr. FBI can you just shut down this thread already. I just reported it to you guys

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where did you get all those ?

the writing are in Italian if you are wondering

her insta
yeah she from italy

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giulia.giacani on insta

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What if we just drop our favourites insta ?

It's in private, so keep goin' here guys !

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Di dov'è sta figa? Milano? La sfondo

ENGLISH you stupid illegal wetback.

don't speak Italian sry

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I'ts a dumb question I know but is this what she's posting on her IG ? Seriously ?

Porco dio goes on all fields

Also her account is private, cunt

yep this is what she posts

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And she's 16~17...

No nudes = no goddess you fucking plebs

younger lol

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When my cock will be inside her I'll send you a postcard, you hillbilly motherfucker

It's frustrating knowing I would probably never have sex with her, I mean really

Anyone know how to turn mp4 files into webm?????

those boys at her school must be happy as fuck jerking their dicks to her overdeveloped body everyday

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u want those right?

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She needa to turn around and move her arm. Show them titties

No I don’t want those! Hispanchan has some new shit and I got to have it

Few of them must not just jerk off, I mean I know people who would litteraly do anything for this body

Hispanchan is still running?

explain please

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yeah 100% she is getting fucked

Is that a picture of baby Hitler on the left of her? Nice!

This is what modern retardation looks like.. just finish the job and show your tits you fucking doofus whore. Its literally all youre good for in this world.

It makes me rolling on floor laughing when I heard people screaming at mens who likes "too young" ladies when I see those instagram content

we have to wait for that I guess

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I shouldn't complain, I had quit veeeery good sex with pretty ladies but anyway, everytime I see another one...

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16? Too old. Instagram teenwhore queens are usually 13,14...

>16? Too old. Instagram teenwhore queens are usually 13,14...


>And she's 16~17...
>younger lol