Does b remember Liz? I'm curious about what happened next and if anyone has more

Does b remember Liz? I'm curious about what happened next and if anyone has more

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I saved

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Lol nice! I've got some too but not everything. Do you know the aftermath and or have more of the ones from that time?

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Aftermath of what?

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Well I mean the husband posted her because he liked sharing her and it was hot. Guys were making collages for them as well. But I think someone found her insta. That's horrible and sucks. Not tryna bring that up I was just curious about his and her reaction to it. And like more pics would be good too.

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Oh OK I thought she was already exposed.

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Lol I mean idk. Was she exposed? Not tryna do that but I wanted to see reactions and like wow that's a new pic. Havent seen that one. Nice! Btw do you know her?

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I was under the impression that she was at some point and that it was old news.

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Uh well I guess so and it was a while ago. I just happened to be browsing b like recently l and saw some reposts and was like woah wait a minute. I dont know her from like where she is now and all that but she's familiar from what she used to do a long time ago. Whoever like recognized her months ago is like near her. I'm someone like thousands of miles away.

If her husband is out there it's ok dude I think the people who saw her before are different. I'm just tryna see more of her to enjoy her and bust a nut to her the way you wanted. Shes hot mr husband wed love to see more.

Oh you're out of pics?

No. I wonder if her and Anna have licked each other's pussies?

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Oh jeez you even know the other girl too yikes lol but I've seen that one too haha. Do you know liz irl too?

Is there a mega or vola? She is beautiful.

No I just do my research

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Wait lol could it be you're her husband actually?

lol. i remember....the comments on her work insta page are still there haha

Oh I see. Yeah pics like this one and the wine one are ones I havent seen.

nice milf cunny

the other girls real name is Anna?

>the wine one
So you 'know' about pics you haven't 'seen'. kek

pretty hot milf, i'd give her a 7/10. body is rough but cute

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No I was referring to the pic posted here where shes holding wine and has the red shirt. I've seen every thing else I think.

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Oh wow another new one! Shes super hot

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Have a pink shirt while holding whatever drink

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You've got a huge stash of good ones posted about her! Thank you lol you're amazing

this pink shirt thinggy?

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I have 58 pics

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look at the screen, this pic is posted

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please share them all

i have around 200

I didn't bother saving the low rez pics

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Damn that's crazy. In the threads her husband said she didnt want him to post her pics. Wow I guess she knew she was being shared online. That's crazy I didnt know she'd be into that.

I didnt even know they shared that many pics jeez that's crazy!

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Girl with the reduction is pretty. Checked dubs

fuck yess more feet

I think she's fine with it

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Damn which ones are the best ones? Shes a sexy married milf.

she know? anyone had luck chatting with her about it?

Yeah it looks that way haha

yeah i'd say she is ok with it

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She doesn't look like the type to waste her time with a reply

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liked her tits better before the boob job honestly

Need pics of these 2 fucking or being fucked together

all i have is pretty innocent, just topless and kissing. anyone have hardcore of these two together?

That sucks! need pics of them muff diving

I've seen the ones of them kissing. Nothing special and I think the husband said they've never done anything

got more pics? any facials?

I remember she died of "cannabis"

Lol what?

2 in the Pink, 1 in the Stink

this! love to see her taking some cum.

Who has more of her rare ones please?

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more like this, her feet are going to make me cum

What is rare?

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u got more where they are together?

Super cool and fun discord server join now


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Lol idk what rare is but the guy who says he has like 200 pics of her would know.

All the pink shirt pics and her by the computer pics were ones I havent seen posted before. Same with all her really hot stuff.

Pretty, yes. Shame her surgery looks to have been done with a rusty axe.

any more of her?

I wanna see more of the rare ones

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Yeah, they're all scared up and fucking gross looking now. Whatever surgeon did that should be fired. This is why you don't get the discount tit job, folks

But boob job scars should heal after a year right? Think they'll look better after some time and maybe some scar reductions?

What's an awesome wife and cool husband for posting than fucking b faggots ruined it like usual

My wife's friend has scars still after years. The difference is her are hidden under her tits in the fold. I don't have a pic but she shows us her tits every single time she's drunk without fail.

This was either a terrible tit job or she was too greedy so she had to have her nipple moved a ton, which looks to be also a case. Her left, our right, nipple looks botched as fuck now

Body is rough? You're a fucking idiot

You seen her fucked up tits after an upgrade? Pussy has also seen better days. Face is 9/10 though

Pussy has also seen better days

This guy has never seen a vagina in real life

Yeah they shouldn't ruin it the real fun is waiting 7-8 years then sending the pics to her kids, every 14 yo boy should know what slutty stuff his mom gets up to and what she looks like spread ass open.

Any more of the girl in the back?

LOL, are you stupid? Her labia is fine but the swelling is just ugly. Try harder to act like you're not a virgin, tho. All these anons will think you're cool but you'll know you're just a basement dwelling loser.

But yet you all are the same faggots on here complaining your sex life sucks then go and ruin other people's bevause they wanted to share some pics

Labalels? Whatever you're the virgin making shit up. This chick is so fine i would sure like to get my self in her vagoo

Everyone can leave the thread now. This guy is too cool for all of us

Leave the thread but don't go in your mom's room, I'm having sex in there

Confirmed 12 y/o.

Everyone can come back now, this kid's a fucking loser after all. Who'da thunk?!

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She has a really pretty face.