In your opinion, what is the best way to rob a bank?

In your opinion, what is the best way to rob a bank?

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Cyber is the only way to go, most banks don’t even hold enough in the building for the risk to be worth it.


Nah, cyber is gay, is there any other way?

own one

Sure, if you want to get gunned down the second you step foot outside of the bank.

I said rob the bank, not the customers of the bank

>cyber is gay
A cogent and well-reasoned post®

A few years of pound me in the ass prison isn't worth a couple of thousand dollars even if you got that

I don't think you actually know how banks work. Once your money goes into the coffers of the bank it is no longer yours. You are just credited with that amount and may demand it at any time. Ultimately your money in the bank is not "yours" until you demand it.

Says the retard that doesn't know how to reply to anyone.

Yes, I don't know how to reply to posts

>realistic mask, like those ones that look like real people or do makeup like the Oldman skits on jackass
>elmers on palms of hands so no finger prints
>give cashier note saying this is a robbery
>all the cash out the drawer
>tell them open the bundles of cash from the cabenet by their knees so you dont get ink packs
>walk away casually, dont run
>but large amounts of drugs and flip quickly for a small loss
>casinos are good for laundring small amount, under 10k, of money
>tell absolutely no one what you did

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Norco bank robbery of May 1980

Invoice large companies for small sums with believable details. Repeat until detected. Close it down. Start again.

its the year 2020 u dumb fugg

Pay a illegal mexican to do it. They love taco bell burritos.

Bank robbers get so little money it isn't worth it. If I wanted to do crime, I would buy some Dark Net credit card numbers and buy shit on line I could sell. They hardly ever get caught and make tons more money. And nobody ever shoots you!

>In your opinion, what is the best way to rob a bank?
Work your way up the ladder in the financial industry.

What if he wouldn't want to share the money?

By, US Mail.

Lehman brothers and Goldman sachs..

Get a job there.. or on an armoured truck

>they still think that banks hold humongous amounts of cash and gold

This is not the old west anymore

>get fake ids
>work hard for a few years under false name
>get a job with armored car business
>take money from bank
>hijack truck
>take money
>resume life under real name
>move to different country
>the end

Yeah the setup will take 5 years but chances are good you wont get caught as long as you arnt retarded

>Heavily coordinated robbery, hiring assets from the dark web. >Formulate a plan that will work with your hired peers
>Use a drone with a loaded paintball gun to block out CCTV cameras
>All materials should be bought from the dark web using untraceable transaction methods
>Any getaway vehicles should be generic but fitted with distorted registration plates
>clothing worn during the robbery should be disposable, burn after using
>cover the whole head, hair follicles which fall from your head will give authorities a means of tracking you
>wear gloves, your bare hands should not make contact with your robbery weapons or with the money
>keep your phone off as it can be traced
>Preferably done by evening or night for an easier getaway
>Pay your hired cronies their deserved shared share

Go to school, get degree in politics.

Don’t repay for debt. The only way to truly get back at the banks

Six Flags over, (insert closest)
Have HUGE CASH COUNTING ROOMS. tens of thousands every night being handled by part time, min wage faggots and one or two rent-a cops,
In-n-out 2 min max

Heres what people have been doing in ireland

>> Steal Digger
>> Use it to pull ATM out of wall
>> Put it in stolen van, or just drop on the roof of stolen car
>> Drive off
>> Profit

I dont know but a plan which involves no weapons would be best. Well especially in brit bong theres a big sentencing difference between armed and non armed robery.

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To add

Tbh ur probably better just trying to scam people. Sell some made up spanish properties to old people

hit the cash in transit

Don't use one.

with a wide range of guns and accessories

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more rehabilitateable then NSA johnathon ii pine gap au nsa usa fragile x syndrome schizophrenic psychosis hostis humani generis


seek meds

Good stuff.

genetic blacklist permenent targetted individual

murder on sight hostis humani generis


any who emply are likewise treason

>In your opinion, what is the best way to rob a bank?
Unless you know how to shoot straight, dig a large hole, use explosives, pick a lock or two, or an hero, best leave it to the professionals champ.

Use street whores to steal money from desperate and weak incels. They pretend to offer a fuck but then they say they have to go get something, they never go back to the incel and when the whores give you the money you give them only 10% of the share.

Pimp scamming this is called.

thats actually not a horrible idea

Track someone that empties golden tee, music match, or bar juke boxex, any of the bar games, those guys are probably driving around with $10-15k on them at any time its all small bills generally, but they have a ton of cash. Find one, learn their route, hit em early.

Yeah if you are young its worth it. The younger you are the easier to build up a false life say start at 20 and go to 25
If you are my age its harder hence why i havent done it

simple... you go in, you ask them nicely for everything they have atm while waving your gun around (violence is really not needed)
then you walk outside, step into a bus, switch a few buses and clothes
bam, untraceable in any decent time
by the time they realize what happened, its irrelevant

its really that easy, just plan the robbery so that you get out 3 minutes tops, and right into a bus

You dont even need a gun. There was a dude who did an AMA on reddit who succeeded in over 10 robberies and only was caught cuz he gave himself up. He just used a note saying that he had a gun or a bomb and to calmly fill the bag up.

/thread tbh

Get Bernie Sanders elected.

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you don't need a gun, the tellers are told to give the money if they are threatened since their life is more important than the money. having a gun would just make your sentence longer. also getting on a bus is dumb since they have cameras and the police will arrive pretty soon after you do it and will probably catch you waiting at the bus stop or just on the bus, as people will see you walk onto the bus.

>He just used a note saying that he had a gun or a bomb and to calmly fill the bag up.

Tbh, that's all you need to do if you're ok with a low yield haul. More risk for more reward would require more planning, more time commitment, but I assume about the same penalty if captured.

If I were to rob a bank, I'd pick a branch that was not surrounded by population, that was relatively far away from the nearest police station, that had a limited number of employees, and that offered a means of rapid escape (waterway on boat, off road trail by dirt bike, etc.) I would have all the tellers empty all their drawers as quickly as possible and would be off and running.

Possibly, I'd use a fake gun, and more than likely I'd change my wardrobe and set up multiple forms of transportation so I could go from one to the other thereby shaking off identification.

Don't live in Murica. You wanna rob banks, come to europe.

Change your name to rob so when you come in and say you are Robbin the bank then if you get caught you can just say no I meant I was Rob in the bank and they will have to let you go