Who is she? Shes beautiful

Who is she? Shes beautiful

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Some random chick posting a selfie on the net that somehow ended up in the asshole of said net


she lol nice bait

Say what now?


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He’s new to life

She looks different there

She’s a fuckin dude

No fucking way

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what the fuck is that on her belly?

user... the fuck is wrong with your eyes?¿

Probably estrogen patches.

can't she inject it? the patches look gross

Maybe they are afraid of needles.

He's a robot. That's a wireless charging port


Nooooo I was mid wank... Maybe if i dont look at the cock

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Don't look away
Look at it

But thats gay

user that's a boy

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Cute "girls" in this discord server right now!


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She is adorable!

that thing is a dude

G8 b8 m8.
You even got it in there twice

She's got the most adorable face when she ejaculates. Someone must have the video


Yeah right

This now please.... Im too far down the trapbit hole now

I'm sure it's on pornhub or redtube. Can't remmeber it's name though. The hormone patches are a bit of a turn-off tho

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Details now baka, I'm not gay so I can't search through lots of trap porn

checked. u/taftaj on reddit.

she ejaculates


Laura Broon


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just search taftaj on pornhub, theres only a few videos


I choose to respect a person's individual life choices. Mainly due to whatever this person wants to do with their life is fuck all to do with me, and doesn't impact on my life in any way whatsoever. He wants to be a she? Fine. Knock yourself out, you're a she. Bravo.

I'd suck her cock

What do the videos show?

Someone died close to you recently.

Um you're not supposed to be a decent open minded individual you have to hate these people okay?

She's cute, I'd suck her cock.

Not that I'm aware of.

But if you're not decent and open minded how are you going to get to fuck them?

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her pleasuring herself

She's better. Most woman are shit.

post webm

And so are you

See,YOU would fuck a Dude too


I've been coming to Sup Forums for almost a decade, and that's the most convincing trap I've seen.

The fact that I want to suck her cock makes me question my masculinity. Perhaps I'm a woman trapped in my body. I'm going to get hormones from the dark web.

got some bad news for you

grrrrl powah patches owo

>that's the most convincing trap I've seen.

Say Hi to Corey

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Those are very pretty nips. Are we sure this is a dude?


God damnit. Made me look

scroll up, dipshit. There's even a link to a video of her pounding her boipussi with a dildo

shes not really a dude, but she definitely has a dick bruh

that dick could be a strap-on though right?
I think I can fap to this and still get into heaven

its just photo shop bro, have at it

If that's a strap-on, I've yet to spot the complex network of tubes & fluid-filled bladders that would emulate a genuinely male penile ejaculation with that amount of accuracy


I want to make out with her and fondle her dick.

No. It's a penis. She, they, he, it. Whatever you choose to call them. Has a penis. Get over it and your gay tendencies. Takes hormones and kept their dick. Get fucked or move on, child.

Have i caught 'the gay' now? Is it too late?

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No. I'm a married hetero male with 2 kids. I still find that person attractive and could imagine us engaging in a sexual encounter. It wouldn't make me want to leave my family and turn me gay, but it would be an experience.

She has such a cute penis.

No desire whatsoever to meet/touch/speak with this person, but still find it interesting to view. I know this is difficult for some of you but not everyone who looks is gay or even slightly bi.

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Hey guess what that's still cheating and you're a scumbag. Get off Sup Forums and spend time with your family. Piece of shit.

Almost a get

>imagine us engaging in a sexual encounter
imagining isnt cheating, you fucking dumb nigger

good tuck

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I want to elope with taftaj and Cracky Chan

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like a work of art

I will never meet this person. Our liason will never happen. I remain faithful

Puberty blockers. I think it's beginning to weigh down on her as she's just quite social media for the time being. hope she's ok

You could probably fit that whole thing in your mouth, fully erect

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All her pics are in the discord:


I want to lift that dress up and bend her over.

wtf is up with the scrotum, looks like nothing there

probably shrinking from HRT

what is an Orchiectomy, alex?

A dude.

you're a filthy dumb fucking cunt and you don't deserve to have children

Matthew 5:28

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She's probably wanting you now: I cant send you the link because Sup Forums is an absolute cunt

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>You don't agree with me, you must be close minded
You're the close minded one, biggot.

op in denial, denial is a tactic of democrats/liberals/sjw's. Must be a trap/mental illness/faggot lover. This is what democrats/liberals believe.

He's a cute girl with cute outfits. You can't trust anything in this world any more.

i fucking hate kids, i wont be having any
hurr durr religeons iz gud