Why don't you own an AR-15, Sup Forums?

Why don't you own an AR-15, Sup Forums?

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Never had one of these sage without a reply.

i do


Doesn't know how to sage.

Fuck off.

I definitely will not. Keep coming back and telling me to, tho.

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Becau I duh nuh Hab a small pembis

hurr durr autometik wepon veri cool bro!

because it's fucking illegal where I live. it gives 1 year in jail 2 if it is loaded

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That's no law I've ever heard of. Where?

Not automatic, retard.

Why don't you have a valid health care system

Because I don't live in state full of retards like USA

get nicer boots, what are you a dirty mexicant?

I prefer AKs.
Because of greedy, rich motherfuckers in the pharmaceutical and health insurance professions.

Becuase I own a real gun.

A) by law no full auto except for military here.
B) even for half-auto it would take way too much time and money to fullfill the requirements to get the permit. and i already have enough other hobbies filling my time.

And the federal government fuckwads whose involvement allowed said motherfuckers to collude and create soft monopolies to rive up prices.

This is the simplest idea ever, and no one fucking understands it. They just love to go HURRR WHY AMERITARD NO HAB HEALTHKARE?

What the fuck is half auto

Damn sorry man

Prefer my flamethrower.

Because I can't be arsed. No one is coming to rob my home, or me. I live in a country that the majority of people have a brain and don't turn to violence for things like getting cut off in traffic, have popcorn thrown at you... etc.

I feel bad for the states. I really do. especially when they can't even help themselves.

Swedish guy here. I hate what this once beautiful has become. Because of immigrants, this nation has turned into a shithole, a third world country.

It appears Sup Forums is rather fond of repetition. Is there anything that hasn't been covered in this asshole thread? Jesus Christ...

it's also illegal in sweden to speak against immigrants, enjoy jail faggot

You must be new here. Pull up a chair my sweet summer child and I shall tell you a tale.

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>Can't help themselves
Part of the reason that you don't own or need guns is that NATO is your daddy.
The minute something bad happens internationally you can count on the good ole USA to come bail you out.
We're self-reliant because we have to be. You aren't, because really you aren't a real country. You cannot and will not ever stand on your own.

because I own a M1 Garand like a real man

Not if you're a finnish immigrant yourself.

semi auto

>Part of the reason that you don't own or need guns is that NATO is your daddy.

I have guns, just not an AR.

>The minute something bad happens internationally you can count on the good ole USA to come bail you out.

Hi, neighbor to the north here. You don't bail us out of fuck all. We do just fine :)

>We're self-reliant because we have to be. You aren't, because really you aren't a real country. You cannot and will not ever stand on your own.

We're sitting prettier up here than you stroking your AR indefinitely waiting for an invisible enemy that will never come.

Because I don't need one, or feel scared to have one, or a pussy who can't fight without one.

I do; every redneck MAGAt in my state does so when Trump inevitably kicks off the boogaloo to save his own neck folds and the shooting starts I want to stand a chance.

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Because i don't have any hands.

Eurofag detected


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I own four. Really want to get an AK next.

Because I don't have a small penis.

Good luck defending yourself against anyone or anything with a hunting rifle, Randy.
We've never had to bail you out of anything yet, but the minute anything goes wrong, best believe you'll be relying on it.
The invisible enemy will never dare come to where I live, precisely because of what I keep in my bedroom closet.

AK-74 for the win.

I'm have a better use for my money

It's not my fault my ancestors brought a bunch of blacks to the US and then bred them to be physically strong and mentally dim.
But it is my responsibility to be able to deal with them if necessary.

Not a chance

I live in the UK.

How do you plan on fighting off your Muslim overlords?

Stop making this thread everyday you friendless fuck

Say please.


Not a bad plan actually. But what if they make it illegal to kill pigs.

Keep your head down until whatever state loyal forces remaining have put a dent in the hillbilly population. Stay safe.

>Blames it on the blacks
Look, the white population was already the scum of Britain. Africans didn't lower the property values of a bunch of beggars and whores thrown off the streets of Edinburgh

Anti-gun people don't understand that this has always been the plan. I'm not worried about police and government troops. They are bound, at least in principle, by constitutional and legal duty.
The hillbillies, MS-13 Mexicans, and angry vindictive blacks with inferiority complexes are the reason I stay strapped.

Because I'm not a faggot.

>13% of the population
>55% of violent crime
Good luck talking around that one, Bernard.

Who got trips tho?


The blacks have value as workers, the whites are just surplus population who would starve if left to compete with superior whites.

Nice roll fagit

>Black unemployment is consistently several times higher than white unemployment

Thanks I work out.

Bet you stick your dick op that barrel on a daily basis.

Me i prefer the M1 Garand, either that or a P90.

you forgot an H in there faggot!

I'm poor

Basic AR 350 bucks, no excuse.

I own a trebuchet. Superior in every way.

not in terms of rpm

because my penis is an adequate size to pleasure women

We do. It isn't my fault you peons aren't willing to put in the effort necessary to get decent insurance. Try getting a job that isn't for children.

Because I don't live in a country with a third-world murder rate and gun laws that make it inevitable.

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We all know that isn't true.

I don't have a small dick so there's no need to compensate.

Useless when you're a faggot that think it's for showing to women.

You do know that police shootings are counted as "homicides" right? And in most jewmade statistics, suicides as well. Although I see it's oddly separated in yours.