Retarded user here, im trying to find a clean version of this picture of the nes dr jekyll and mr hyde without text...

Retarded user here, im trying to find a clean version of this picture of the nes dr jekyll and mr hyde without text, just the face... but it's been hours and i can't find it,some of you prolly can find it in seconds, help a brother out

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I don't think it exists, best you can do is just recreate it from the original image. I can quickly give it a shot, just keep the thread alive.

Thank you man

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workin on it...

Mike Matei has a 2 pound cock.

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whose that?

>battle demons with hyde's psycho wave
NGL that sounds pretty awesome

Yeah, it SOUNDS awesome, but the reality is a tad different.

Looks like Charles Grodin

Getting shit off the face is a bit harder than i expected but it will be done, user.

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half the face done, the hat's a little messy but I'll fix it.

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Goodbye seal of quality!

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Dude I had that game it sucked so much!


Ok, I lied about the quickly part but it's getting there.

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and I know the background's messed up. I figure i'll just use a photoshop filter and recreate it.

You are a Sup Forumsro

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And I'll fix the clone stamp shit on the hat.

Who is this girl, I've seen her posted a lot but i don't know the story

Brian Peppers

ta love

Almost done, OP. Hat looks like shit now but will blur and add a similar texture to original and background will be recreated.

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not OP but you are based as fuck for doing this my dude

op here, it looks fucking great dude

Ok, now just the background. sorry for it taking so long.

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take all the time you need man, i can't thank you enough


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Ok, it's not perfect but I hope you like it, waifued2x for your use and enjoyment!

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thank you man! x1000000

you are a fucking beast

Cool! Glad I could help, Sup Forumsro. :D