Redpill me on why capitalism is bad

redpill me on why capitalism is bad

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cuz nothing can stop greed and human stupidity. No1 thinks bout u, when i can afford that boat for 10000 money, while theres nothing special about it - its just resource and work cost to have it. The rest is brand. U want bread? Well, u pleb, some ppl pay me 3 money for bread i make. Why would i sell it to u for 1,5 money?

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1) checked

2) Bad, no; unsustainable, yes.

The masses put in the work and effort to earn other people billions of dollars

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Corporations have gradually imposed de facto slavery on society, and as the profits skyrocket, wages stagnate. Our natural resources cannot sustain the growing excess of human consumption.

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Neo-aristocraty emerging.

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