Last thread reached post limit

Last thread reached post limit

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is this the one where they beat up Neville

Something interesting posted?

3 themes evolved...

1. Dan is a hero to /b /
"Dan did nothing wrong"

2. Dan is historys worst monster.
" Those girls were pure"

3. CSI hollywood edition. Discussion in terms of some kind of criminal case.
"Dan can't keep getting away with it"

All hilarious but 3. is my favorite

Throw in the foot worshipers for good measure and you get a four hour thread


His fat face is disgusting

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Let's get him!

What do you think, is Dan hero or villain?
Is Miranda pure or a coked out ultra-whore?

Link to old thread?

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Cutie. So jelly of Dan.

Miranda is pure, faggot.

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cant wrestle but you should see her box



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Innie or outie?

This is the reaction when Dan first put it in her ass without telling her

I would guess totally shaved

I'm afraid to ask, but... How young was she?

Last thread was 50/50
My vote was definitely whore

Season 3 contract signing.
per episode

Her poor asshole

God takes the soul away from a child who doesn't have the whits to speak out when a fat man violates her asshole on numerous occasions.

All she had to do was say something to her parents or any trusted adult and God would have saved her.

She did not so she shall suffer eternal punishment being anally raped by forever increasing disgusting fallen angels while burning in a lake of fire.

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That lucky fat bastard

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How so?
Was she gangbanged at USC parties?

Last time you said Miranda was a good girl. What happened, she doesn't want to share her coke with you anymore, Jen?

That is door to Dan's office. Some weird shit going on

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Janette is too poor to afford decent cocaine.
She should stick to smoking crack

Hi Miranda

Dan yes
75 niggers no

Miss your great stories. I'm SO Happy you are here again.

And 20 USC basketball players?

Dan literally somehow turned him into a fag in real life but he liked girls before Dan

And Miranda?

>Dan yes
I bet bitch loved it.

It's a new year. new me ; )

The whole reluctant whore thing was an act

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I have never said any such thing. She is a soulless slut who gave into the temptations of a pedophile and LET him violate her body in the most unholy ways.

She was a creature of such beauty never meant to be spoiled by sexually immoral beasts who survive by devouring the viriginity of babies.

Because her gift of beauty was so great it was required she be tested. The test was failed. She knew her flesh was meant for one equal to her man or woman but she instead pursued immediate physical fleeting sex through the penetration of her rectum so the beast could live.

God grants forgiveness but she refused it. He would have saved her but she chose to seal her lips so the beast could conquer her completely.

Her body is rotting now with physical sexual activity allowed only to remind her the eternal hell that awaits her anus forever terrorized by increasingly worse devils.

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New projects? I miss you on my TV so much

Can someone crop middle picture

Post the pic with the USC cheerleaders outfit please.

Did you see her in
The good wife episode

Fucking gold

Poetic and perfectly said

Hurts to watch everytime

She is passed around at frat parties. What do you think of it?

I love when C and J shitpost at same time. Hopefully footfag post again, she was so smart.

She was 16. Time flies.

Be all my sins remember'd.

it never ceases to amaze me how ppl think she showed anything at a frat party and there are NO pics or video.......and even more laughable is that an underaged actress was left alone with anyone in a tv production

Time to be naked?

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Underrated post.

What's up girl?


That scene was lurid as hell

She definitely knew what she was doing

Explain her then

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Looks legit

What that means.

Post couch scene with sis and horny mom

That rejection caused him to eventually
suck cock


That Miranda has BMW Porsche and Benz G class and a sick bank account

Janette has one room shit hole in double shit neighborhood and takes bus

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Not a shit post

but if fake post original from what shop was sorced from

What went so wrong?

That's not fair. She was as slutty as Miranda, deserves better, Dan.

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While Miranda was the perfect reluctant whore
Janette actually loved the constant abuse

Unfortunately this was her downfall

Underrated post

How do you know it? Proof or stories?

There is no topping this maybe ever

This is not total proof but Janette was a carbon copy of this train wreck

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>Reluctant whore
How that works for years?

god i want jeanette to sit on my face

i could finally die happy and fulfilled

What happened at your last party with the basketball team?
Greentext it, C. Please!

More bible verses.

Reluctant whore Miranda is the best Miranda

Was Janette as much worthless trash as her?


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Tell details

Just perfect.

So fucking hot, I'd fick her so hard

Miranda was such a good actress

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Can someone crop this without the purple

This is correct answer

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God help us

You are so lewd.

Feet porn is so fappable.

The wide shot is even somehow more degenerate
Mother is complicit
Sister is willing

Here is Proof

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Dan agrees

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Nice job with subtlety CBS


What in the fuck is this thread even about?

I want to walk into that bedroom and just torpedo my face directly into her luscious, perfectly fit ass.

i'm just here to jack off to the nicktoon girls

don't know what the fuck you're expecting

Old thread had 300 posts
Miranda drunk posting

Dan deleted another 600 twitter posts about feet and got encyclopedia dramatica shut down over related content
about his teen foot auditions