Assuming the following:

Assuming the following:
>no STDs
>no one will ever find out
would you cum inside a boipussy?

We're not talking about dating or anything like that, literally just pound some sissy's boipussy and nut inside.

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Yes please. People can find out, I don't care.

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Yes. Definitely yes

I've been come onto before by a trap in my friend circle before, who straight up asked me "hey how come we never fuck around?" Well it's cause you ain't passable homie. I just said I ain't gay. But for a boipussi like OP's image it'd be hars for me to say no.

Question is directed more towards straightfags than homos.

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Who wouldn't? A hole's a hole.

I'd fuck anything if it was feminine enough

If they looked like this I will

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I only fuck people that look like girls. I don't give a shit if insecure faggots want to talk shit, a passable clean trap that wants to fuck is getting fucked. Record it and post it online, I don't care.

Would you suck trap dick?

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If they're on hormones so they generally smell/taste like a girl, yes. If they're just a feminine guy, no. Same for kissing.

>smell/taste like a girl
So you've tasted a lot of dicks and pussies?

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Do they really smell like girls?

I've tasted one dick, which was a transgirl, and a few pussies. I also know what guys smell like, cause I have friends. Noticeable difference.

If they're on hormones, yes. Those are basically what control your general scent/pheromones.

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Never have fucked a femboi but really want to just to see

Would Sup Forums fuck me

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Well fuckn' obviously.

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Based and straight.

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You would have to pay me.

The sum would be equivalent to whatever it takes to make me forget you were born a man.

nah i dont want steves shit box

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Yea. I had a nice little femboy piece lined up in California. Smashed a few times till he moved to Michigan to care for his mom. Some of the best sex i've ever had. 100% passable too.

Spread the cheeks and let's see the butthole!

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I would worship a trap dick am i gay

Faggots. All of you. You were born males. You are supposed to be the dominant gender, not some faggoty "femboy" cock sucking twink.

No I am not a gay fag

I mean, that's a little gay.

Fuck yeah!

fags, all of you
fucking fag roleplay bullshit
if you are male, with another human that has a dick, you're a faggot- period.

I won't touch the balls is that better?

Need more fem clothes but i want a daddy to dress me ;c

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Being scared to fuck a femboy sounds gayer than pounding a warm hole with a feminine body.


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There is no thing as boipussi .. just gayass

Stfu loser we're having a conversation

there is no such thing as "boipussy"
that is a rotten, shit smelling asshole.
if you fuck man ass, you are a vile faggot.
there are no other explanations for this degenerate behaviour.

Ha! GAY!

>really mad rn

Do it
dont be faggot

So gay, but a shitty lover. The worst kind of gay.

I mean, it does make a difference. No problem fucking a trap or even sucking their dick, it's once you start "worshipping" it that it gets pretty gay.

with or without condoms?

If she was that cute, fuck yeah.

yeah bro sucking a dick totally isnt gay no homo right hehe
no homo bromo
stev, i mean stephanie lookin cute in that dres!

Kek you are gay user.. do youknoww it?

Only gay? What happens if you let the trap plow your ass? Faggot level achieved?

>thinking anyone actually cares

Where you at

Being this insecure about girls with dicks is pretty gay tbh. Fuck who you want to fuck, pussies.

666 what up

Dont you care about your gayness?

So long as the penis is feminine, I'm going-in dick-first!

> girls with dick
Say no more please

With 100%. Until I lock it down and get those test results back, condom stays on. The temptation was there believe you me, but I'm in the med field, so I've seen plenty of examples of why to use condoms.

Uhh. No, boomer i do not. Do you?

Post more boypucci

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Caring about whether or not fucking somebody girly is "gay" sounds pretty gay.

Feminine penis.

But I'm also probably a faggot, so...

You mean gayass?

10/10 I would gape

>Where all faggots go
Have you ever been to a gay guys house? It's probably neater than heaven

Yeah.. so much more gay than wanting to fuck a male. Did you finish primary school or you are just nigger?

I worked with a trap a few years back, very feminine, very pretty, great body. I had never had an experience before. I asked her out and we had a nice time, ended up going back to my place together and started making out. Until this point I had only ever fucked women. And it was just a weird primal urge as soon as I felt the trap's dick getting hard through the skirt she was wearing, I just went down and started sucking. Honestly, it was fucking hot. Doing all the shit I loved getting to her rock hard cock. Letting her cum down my throat. Then she let me fuck her. No condom and I honestly blew the biggest load of my life into her tight asshole. It was amazing. So yes, honestly, I feel like it's the same with women, if you want them to go down on you, you should be just as willing to go down on them. With the trap, I let her fuck my ass just the same as I fuck her's.

We ended up dating for a year and a half and honestly, it was the best sex I've ever had.

Youvare not only gay you are also retarded. Do you parents know it?

hell... I've even paid to fuck a very feminine tranny. best fuck I've ever had

The most alpha thing possible is to use a man like you'd use a woman - fuck him like a bitch and throw him aside like a used cum rag.
The real faggots are the ones not man enough to be able to do this.

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So basically you are also gay

holy shit you lucky sonovabitch. More stories please, and pics if you're able

No because anyone with a penis is a man and man sex is gay

Hella insecure faggots in this thread, but that's about what I should expect, huh. You really don't have to be so scared that some of the girls you find hot have dicks, they still won't fuck you.

im jealous as fuck

bro do you honestly think anyone cares? LOL

Fucking a submissive faggot that wants to be a girl is not manly.
Spartans used to spar, and the winner would fuck the loser, now that's a real alpha move, kick the shit out of someone, and then fuck him.

hell yeah im with you on that

>virgin, claims to be straight male faggot
omg you guys are gay..

They are men sweety.. why are you so insecure about that you are just gay?

back to fortnite

Yeah.. there is lot of fags.. look at how many replies are in gay threads..


>Scared to fuck somebody that looks, sounds and smells like a girl because penis is scary
>Better go tell people online that they're gay


I dont play shitty games nor I like gay asses.. cuz i am not mentally ill like you bitch

oh god..does mommy know you're on the pc rn little buddy?

How sweet

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Absolutely. It wouldn't be the gayest thing I've ever done.

Thank you Captain Obvious. Currently in a long term situation with a woman. But I'm open to experiences with traps in particular. I'm definitely attracted to women in general. But if a pretty trap comes along, I'm not going to not fuck it.

It was great. I think we only ended things really because she got a contract that required her to move out of country for an extended period of time while my contract kept me here in the states. (We both work in creative realms.) Won't post pics, don't want to violate her privacy without permission. But she's about 5'6", blonde, incredibly ass and legs. Very cute face, green eyes.

The best part was the amount of sex to be honest. It was a LOT. Like, got to a point where I really had a hard time keeping up with her drive. She's incredibly passionate. I loved fucking her so hard that she would just cum without even having to touch her cock. Sometimes with the right angle she'd throw ropes so hard she'd give herself a facial, watching her eat her own cum while I was fucking her would get me off so fast. I used to like to ride her cock and cum on her that way too.

She was borderline exhibitionist too and would love to suck me off in places where we might get caught.

Yeah but the problem is they are not

You tell him user. Let him know how not gay you are in this not gay at all thread filled with not gay pictures.

How old are you? Honestly

A mans asshole.
Be a faggot if thats what keeps you from hanging yourself but stop pretending you´re anything else.

Me? Old enough. 24, how old are you fellow faggot?

No problem with it mate

Oh no :( omg..u hurted my feelings fuck!!

lol snowflake

I am just makimg fun of those insecure gay fags that are scared to admit it. So they say its boypussy.. femine erc

Yes. Only if they're cute though.

B o i p u s s y

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