Celeb Thread - /My beautiful daughter/ edition

Celeb Thread - /My beautiful daughter/ edition.

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>My internet bill went up AGAIN.
Time to cancel my service and hijack my neighbours I think.

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sure thing
does she? do you adore her? models can be weird you know
she's beautiful

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So happy for my mom, she finally got engaged to her friend, havent seen her this happy since she divorced my father. please so something nice about them

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Just tell us what posts upset you.

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Lmao is that me!?

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I cum in peace alien goddess

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shes a literal prostitute

God those are thick.

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Stop acting like you're 10 years old. fatass

get in my car

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Being a expensive prostitute doesn't make the whore a celebrity

Name plz?

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I can into mind control like a mushroom spreads by mycelium

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get in my car

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you know like that girl from stranger things named eleven? except literally twelve

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I want to drive you through the night

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beautiful angel

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his character has to be gay otherwise this makes no sense

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>not going to jail for poontang

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Take you back home

admire the resolution

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it was the late 60s user, he wasnt going to jail

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love this hairy whore

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what is her ethnicity?

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no idea

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>>what is her ethnicity?


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he specifically mentions this as the reason
try watching the film while youre AWAKE

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no shit genius thats what makes it even more dumb

it was the 60s and he was doing tarantino dialogue from 2019

good taste

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From Wiki "Her paternal grandfather was an immigrant from the Middle East, who had paternal Syrian ancestry and maternal Armenian ancestry,[7] and her paternal grandmother's ancestors are from England, Denmark, and Sweden. Her paternal great grandparents had met in Aleppo, present-day Syria."

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