Sup Forums how do i convince my girlfriend i'm not a racist...

Sup Forums how do i convince my girlfriend i'm not a racist ? We've been dating few 6 months or so now and i get along zell with her friends but i recently met a black friend of hers, he doesn't seem like a bad guy but i just feel really uncomfortable around him, i told her i didn't want to hang around while he was there and she kinda flipped on me. She also thought he overheard us as he left shortly after and she went after him to apologize, this was yesterday and i'm not sure what to do now.

Pic unrelated, just porn for attention

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There's only one way, OP. Tell her you want him to become her bull.

he fucked her, his black male superior genes makes you unconfortable because you are a weak, pathetic white male.

Let her catch you watching interracial porn

he hasn't fucked her nor do i want him to.

Pic related is what happens when you shave like a retard. Jesus Christ.

Show her your nig memes you saved from here that will show her you are not racist

It's not about what you want or not. You need to let them cuck you.

you have to share her with him, user. it's the only way

yeah no thank you. i don't even want to think about it

fucking racist

how's that racist ? We're in a relationship, it doesn't matter who the guy is you're not supposed to sleep around

>she went after him to apologize
At minimum she sucked his dick, guarantee the next time you piss her off she's gonna go get BLACKED to get revenge you dumb fuck
Never reveal your power level


It doesn't count if he's black lol

Get red pilled cuck. Niggers are sub-human

Damn the kikery is starting early tonight in here

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Where can I find more like this to post in those degenerate cuck threads

i don't believe that at all, why would she suck his dick over something i did. Not like he'd go "yeah he's a dick but get on your knees and we're good" They're friends.

how does that make sense ?

that's not how relationships work in the 21st century, you misogynist pig. relationships are fluid and open. you can't demand that she doesn't sleep with other men, she's not your property. you should encourage her to explore her own sexuality and find her place in the world. and if the other guy is black you have the added duty of having to compensate him for centuries of slavery. it will be a transformative experience for you too. there's hardly anything as intimate and at the same time reassuring as having your soulmate be penetrated by some other man right in front of you

>how does that make sense ?
Because they have bigger dicks and it's just a bit of fun

you feel uncomfortable because you secretly feel she wants him to split her. Also she obviously picked his side - if she cared at all about you she wouldn't have. She will soon be penetrated by him.

Honestly bro I'm not sure what you expected with this thread this whole place is infested with Blacked obsessed cucks.

Honestly would go over better on Reddit unless you care about their faggy internet points because you would probably lose a ton for asking a question like this in a liberal stronghold such as reddit.

i'd feel uncomfortable even if she wasn't there, so that really isn't it.

i mean, her apologizing doesn't mean she doesn't care about me. just cause you're with someone doesn't mean you have to agree with everything they do.

Black superior genes eh? Is thay why if you continually breed blacks and whites together the white gene overtakes the black gene? Must be their superiority eh?

see? you even think like a cuck. now all that's left is for her to seal the deal with him

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ehm no.

fuck off will you. She's really sweet and nice, she wouldn't cheat

>I would feel uncomfortable even if she wasn't there
Has it occurred to you that maybe you are just a bit racist? It's okay to be racist you know dude. I am and I'm perfectly happy.

ITT: race fetishism run amok

It doesn't count as cheating if it's with BBC though. That's like saying watching porn is cheating. It's just scratching a natural itch.

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what's she look like op ? a picture can say a lot about a person.

I don't know man just hang around long enough in here and other similar board (Sup Forums is an obvious one) and eventually you'll start building a decent collection

Been doing that for the last 3 yrs and I can flex quite a bit now with 1000+ meme stashes

Alright man, just wish I was as well equipped as you to do gods work.

of course that's cheating, and there's not even a guarantee he's all that big. It's just a meme.

i really don't think a picture of her would help

i don't think worse of them or anything, it's just a bad experience or 2 in the past i guess so might be sunconcious

>of course that's cheating, and there's not even a guarantee he's all that big. It's just a meme.
Why? He probably is that big. It's not fair to deny your gf the right to get touched in spots you can't reach.

Actually no it can't

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he’ll fuck her with or without your permission

Fair enough man, I just genuinely don't like blacks. Specifically blacks too I'm good with Asians and Hispanics or whatever it's just when it comes to blacks the statistics don't lie brother. They really do commit more violent crimes and sell/do more drugs than white folk.

I acknowledge that my opinions are racist but you cannot argue with the evidence that they are just fucking dumber than whites. An absolute blight on civilised society that should be purged from existence.

just for laughs then, at least we know who's is about then. come on OP, picture.

Like I said be patient and scavenge some more

Over time you'll build your own collection

Here's another for your good work

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And another because why not

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If she wants that that's fine but not while she's in a relationship with me.and he probably really isn't that big.

find another thread.

yeah i guess there's some proof but i dunno i don't want to treat anyone any differently. I wouldn't be a dick to one i just got a weird vibe from him.

not a good idea

I'm just letting you know what's up :)


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We must find this man and send him to all the couples looking for a "bull"

come on OP, picture !


Based discord server join now


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Everyone has preferences. There's no law that says you have to like everyone or even want to be around everyone.

I'm not completely comfortable around bIacks and prefer to associate with whites. I don't think that preference makes me or anyone else "racist?"

Tell her to grow the fuck up.

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You are racist.
Maybe just a little, but still racist.

You're not alone. I think most people are at least a little racist.

>You are racist.

Well... tbh, everyone is racist, actually. Everyone (except the sjw's who try too hard to not be what they are).

lol that's a meme just like the bbc thing, most likely they're all about average with a few really small and a few really big ones just like with us white guys.


i'll try to have a conversation about it when she gets here

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you can't, my ex was a niggerlover so i dumped her and now she is married with an arab thats nearly 20 years older and has a kid with him

>i'll try to have a conversation about it when she gets here

Good. I mean, does she herself like everyone and want to hang out with everyone? Doubtful.