Gf suggests we have sex without a condom since she's into that and it's the safest part of her cycle

>gf suggests we have sex without a condom since she's into that and it's the safest part of her cycle
>point out that it's been ten days since her period so she should be at her most fertile
>she stammers and goes "sorry, I miscounted!"
>use a condom

Should I address the fact she tried to trick me? I didn't know what else to say in the moment so I said nothing.

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Kek, dump that bitch. She's trying to get you to impregnate her so she can dump you and leech your money.

She wants to bind you and/or the baby. Is she in the panic age already?
Decide if you want to commit. If yes, knock her up. If not, confront her and get out there.

If two bears stare at you and you shoot one of them, who was the one dreaming in the winter?

What's the cut-off for "panic age"? I'm 32, she's 29.

not really panic age yet, but she is probably past her peak and not sure if she can get a new guy in time.


She's basically at thw point where if you don't get her pregnant and trap yourself she'll either find another guy, cheat and get knocked up by someone else and tell you its yours or some other form of degenerate behaviour.
Just do yourself a favour and find a new woman, you can get a better one unless you buy into all that true love b.s. shit

If those would be the last bears in the world, I guess we wouldn't know!?
When you were born, did you sleep? Or are you just not


No, I woke up from the last dream.

Or did you just call asleep?
How can you tell!?

It doesn't even matter!

>call asleep

Because I remembered some of the last dream, and how it ended

Sorry I meant fall asleep!

Never let the woman be in charge of birth control. They all do this bullshit. I've had stunts like this pulled on me and it immediately ends everything since I realize they have manipulative plans to use the relationship for personal gain. Dump her and move on.

>about to turn 30
Holy shit user this is maximum panic age, bail out now unless you are prepared to be a father

I actively try to knock up every girl I sleep with. As a man, I can abandon my children, and let the women raise the next in my blood line.
>I'm black

But maybe you just remembered reality and you were in a lucid dream?

what kind of a fucking loser uses a condom?

based and niggerpilled

This. As you grow up, it's time to make some hard decisions OP.

No, I don't think so. I know how to astral travel and lucid dream (two different things). I've dreamed within dreams, and I know this is the 'realest' for lack of a better word.

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The only XL condom I've used broke in Sweden! I had aids and I never told her hahah

So why are you god?

>Stop being a pussy and fuck her in the ass, zero % chance of preggers.

Wew lad OP did you make a big mistake posting that here. You're gonna be paranoid for the rest of your life. Didn't know American women were such cold-hearted bitches.

I don't really mind becoming a father eventually and I'm well-off enough to support a family but we've only been together for eight months.

Best gf I've had so far generally but this felt like kind of a red flag, if only the first one.

I mean I never told them lol

No you are not more justified than me idiot nigger!

Don't you see this as a form of lying? Or is she really this forgetful?

To do the right thing. In my universe at least. I can't ever tell if any of you are real in here at times.

Speaking of which, I have spirit work to do. Nice talking to 'you'.

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Oh no I'm 99% sure it was a lie. Women keep track of this sort of thing, doubly so since she brought it up herself.

Would you rather raise a family by choice, or one that you will consider a happenstance?
Don't underestimate the value of being able to look at your wife and children with a clear mind every time, knowing that you went into it with your eyes open, rather than being surprised by it.
Tread carefully user.

Other than not wanting to, why havent you guys had kids and why isnt she on birthday control?

some user posted crazy story of his gf trying to trick him into supporting him into somoene else's kid and it brought out emotions me I didn't know were inside me. not sure if ic an find it

will dump info in meantime

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My brother fell for this. He is currently getting out of rehab after being intoxicated for 3 years straight. Chick totally trapped him and still harasses him.

Breed that whore and if she gives you a son wait till hes a teen and tie her up and let your boy fuck her for the luls. Its playing the long game since she is.

>why havent you guys had kids
We've only been together for eight months. I originally just asked her out to have a date for a friend's wedding last summer but we've really clicked.

>why isnt she on birthday control?
She had some hormone issues that flare up when she uses birth control.

I don't mind having kids in the long run but the way I'd see it happening would be that say in a year from now I'd propose if we were still on terms as great as we are now, and then we'd have the kid(s) right after marriage. Getting pregnant first and being "forced" to marry looks bad IMO.

Anyway this lie / trickery is annoying and worrying; had she just told me she wants kid I might have ramped up the proposal plan or something, but this is making me rethink things in a whole other direction.

this isn't the one but similar

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>she's 29

You should have been knocking her up 10 years ago. birth defects go up exponentially with the mothers age, and beyond 40 is almost impossible to have a healthy pregnancy/even have usable eggs left. hence the huge uptick in autism/birth defects in whites over the last 50 years


Man it's kind of telling that the best one you've ever had is trying to trick you into being nailed down as a financial sponge for 18 years and you can't even see it.

But I can't really talk since the best I could find had BPD so trying to sneak off birth control and get knocked up was a once every 3 months deal before she ended up going sneaky hunting to try and get more dick.

She has a nice body, she's pleasant to talk with, and is great at cooking & baking.

Most of my previous gfs have been completely insane. One even stabbed me.

>since she's into tha
I'm already freaking out for you. I bare backed a chick for the first time and was freaking out after. She says, don't worry, I'm on the pill, see? Holds up a dispenser, knocks out a pill and takes it. I'm like bitch birth control doesn't work that way.

Literally do not know to this day if I've got a kid out there somewhere who'd be 20ish.

Get your ball's snipped in secret OP and let her milk you dry trying to trick you.

Based King.

Based macron momer bus
Based eye jewel

Were you considering marrying her before this? Sit down for serious conversation time. Tell her you were considering proposing but feel unsure because you feel as if she was trying to trick you into pregnancy. Tell her normally you wouldn't have asked this, but considering the circumstances, if you did propose, you feel this act warrants a pre-nuptial agreement to ensure you are not simply being used. (one that is seriously one-sided in your favor) If she balks dump her on the spot.

Shit your pants, asscreedlord


If she was on BC it wouldn't be out of a fucking pez dispenser, depending on the brand they come in individual plastic bubble packs, or they come in bubble sheets. And she'd know not to take multiple a day because it absolutely does fuck up their bodies in high concentrations.

Thats the trap a lot of them do. They make the first few months to a year seem like the perfect relationship/heaven on earth, get you hooked, invested, and not wanting to go through the hell of dating/searching again.

Then the second you (or someone else) knocks them up they know they have the next 18 years of living expenses covered so they slob the fuck out and never lift a finger again. Seen it happen with a bunch of my friends, then got to see one of my exes do it to someone who was too arrogant to take my advice.

If you're married or engaged watch out, if she's trying to trick you into knocking her up she won't have any qualms about getting someone else to knock her up, and footing you with the responsibility/bill.

The last Nazi of the world!
Look at him and laugh like a thousand whores!

it's not true. both sides have to disclose evidence before the trial.

it's complicated but something like this video is almost always included. specifically so the courts time wouldn't be wasted as the story illustrates.

it's called discovery

>I don't really mind becoming a father eventually and I'm well-off enough to support a family but we've only been together for eight months.
That stunt was morally wrong, period. The first year or two is when you get to know the person you'll spend your life with. If she's capable of doing that, she's capable of doing other underhanded shit. She will lie about other things, she will make excuses, she will manipulate you for money, she will embellish the stories about everything that go wrong in the workplace - if she ever goes back. Some chicks look at kids as a way to step out of the workforce and become a housewife. They'll get pregnant about every three-four years to keep having underage kids who aren't kindergarden yet. I had a neighbor who did that to her dumbfuck husband, she was pregnant at 28, 32, 37 and 40. They didn't have the money for that, and she never went back to work. He provided for the whole bunch working as a carpet steam cleaner. People should occasionally be able to take risks and get a better job, but he never could because they needed that paycheck. Her whole job was applying for welfare like a pro, and looking for bargains in used clothes shops.