In Walmart atm. dubs chooses where I smear the shit in the bathroom

in Walmart atm. dubs chooses where I smear the shit in the bathroom

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Shove it back up your own anus, you sick fuck.

are you seriously going to wait there until someone rolls dubs?

Hahaha roll and on the sink

Take it home user


all the fuck over. fuck them.


Quit being a total fucking waste Of was oxygen and flush your filth down the toilet you fucking loser


They have cameras and you’ll end up on local news you god damnEd retard

Sink knobs and door knob

yeet that bitch

Walmart jannies mad

Didnt take long

the walmart employee is a retard. they don't care.

Walmart employee

Digits confirm


No. But, i do work in the service industry and do my share of cleaning up after shit stains like yourself. At least I’m contributing Instead of being a drag on society like you fucks. Karma is a bitch losers

poop lol

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calm down karen

we love you, OP

then give me my 50 bucks you owe me bitch. i can't wait to get back at those fucks.

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Hard working folks don't deserve this. Why don't you pull this at a bank or government office

Karma isn't real fag


i hope you never complain about anything fag. when you get fucked just eat it then.

I honestly can't believe someone had some balls on here.

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Incredibly based
Smear it op do it

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You’re right tbh. FBI building next stop

Shut up, John

all shall fear the doodoomer. until next time, Sup Forums

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he actually delivered fucking kek

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Nothing heroic here you dumb cunt. Just some fool making someone else’s life harder than it already is. Like the another user said, go shit on a Porsche or something.

Famous last words

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I just like pooping on things user

now wipe it on your face and go buy something

Are you 12? Grow up, join the army or something. Become a man you piece of crap. Hope you get arrested.

this is karma getting walmart back.

Walmart doesn’t give a fuck. Zero impact. It hits some poor janitor making min wage just trying to put food on the table

On your face

gamer poop

Janitor making min wage just trying to put food on the table detected

Smear it on your face and walk up and down the aisles.

I used to poop on toilet seats and stuff lol

What’s your point. People work all kinds of jobs. Literally Shitting on other people for giggles makes you inferior to just about everyone else.

Your parents failed you and you are continuing their sad story

those jobs are meant for teenagers some retard making min wage deserves to eat shit if he's that dumb

Blackface yourself with it and walk around with it

Fucking idiot. Why would u do that?

Throw some up on the ceiling!

Clean up my doodoo's janny

dubs of truth

But they aren’t all teens you dumb cunt. Moms and Dads and all kinds do those jobs.

1) Some minimum wage person now has to clean up after your stunt. Yes, it may be a filthy Mexican't and it may even be a damn illegal, but that's still wrong.
2) Why is your crap so dark? It looks like spinach in tar.