Oh, hi there...how are you today?

Oh, hi there...how are you today?

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Fuck off, pathetic trap. Not even slightly feminine-looking

how bigs that dick tho

I'm doing better than I thought I would be. My car is finally ready to be picked up from the shop and that's been a financial burden for a while and I'm glad for it to be over.

How are you doing? Show me a titty please.

Show da dick

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Did I say I was a trap? ....No, no I didn't

Haven't had any complaints

That good! Sorry, I don't have titties

In time....

i probably wouldn't either, lovely body.

Thank you, I really appreciate that!

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What did you all do today?

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waiting for you to post you hard little dick

Oh, hi there! Hope you like it

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Anyone still lurking?

>how are you today?
not your damn business

Well hello to you too!

as usual, you?

I'm doing well, just lounging around today

where's ur foreskin?

Stfu eurocuck

Circumcision when I was a baby.

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duh! obviously... where is it now?

cuck? maybe
euro? not even close

It's in a jar on my nightstand, I take it out and chew on it like bubblegum once in a while...wtf?? What kind of question is that anyway??

lol, I'm just curious... always wonder what u jews do with all those foreskins.

1st of all, not a Jew, second of all..its pretty common practice in the states

>not a Jew
really? so u jew yourself for fun?

Duh, I mean who doesn't want to?

Eurocuck shut up already

lol, again with the "euro" thing.

Thank you!

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Sexy body xo

Thank you!

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