What are the consequences of calling a BLACK man the N word in real life?

What are the consequences of calling a BLACK man the N word in real life?

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Depends on time know, and if it ends in a "hard R" or an "A"

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You will make him cry

What are the odds of ever running into a black man in real life?

Yup. Hard R gets you every time.

He bends you over

you might have to give them a tissue for their tears

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become president of the usa

Absolutely nothing you nigger, they know their place

Nothing they don't care

>Be me Navy fag
>2015, San Diego
>Go out with team before deployment
>I'm white, token F*male is white, black friend, dark skin mexi-friend, two more caucasiods
>Mexi-friend is coolest dude I've ever met.
>always there, one of the few from that deployment I still talk to regularly
>Mexi LOVES rap
>Some club in San Diego at 2am
>All hammered, I'm straight fuckin rekt
>Karoke at bar
>Mexi goes to sing a song
>Has the """N""" word in it
>2 black dudes rush stage and begin hitting mexi friend, calling him "wacist" n shit
>I head first dive in to save mexi friend
>Throw up after punch in gut
>Antagonists pulled out covered in my Jack n Coke
>Mexi-friend is fucked up
>We all run from club after mexi friend is taken away, somehow make it to balboa.
>Throwing up in Balboa waiting room waiting for word from mexi.
>He's fine.

Tl;dr I wouldn't say it

They respect you

they become violently enraged

they tend to offer you head on the spot

get killed for the word. then he goes to jail for being a loose cannon


Check em'

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when don't they?

Ever seen a chimpout first hand?

so YN3 got raped by a jiggaboo

They act like niggers.

>What are the consequences of calling a BLACK man the N word in real life?

I called one a moon cricket and punched him.
i got slapped with a hate crime.

Totally depends on the person.

You get hated and fucking I will spit in your direction, anonymous

>be me
>around 99-or 2000
>American history X was just out
>think im a hard skin
>old black woman in a wheel chair crossing the intersection with 2 grandkids
>roll down window
>old lady tells me ill regret that someday
>actually feel horrible about it now days

They're already predisposed toward violence, so literally anything will set them off. Touch their hair and see what happens.

I remember you! You posted that sheboon ass yesterday!

They look down at the floor and say Yes'm Boss

guys will laugh it off
girls will slap you

classy guy

they arent men. they are nigs

he's gonna chimp out and get's shot by the police, one monkey less

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Call me and find out.

You won’t faggots

never happened.

What are you gonna do? Fly across the Pacific and kick my ass?

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Alls I know is I hate niggers

Where do you live?

snopes even said this was made by an alt righter to slander and defame persons of color

oh fuck it was a police dept number

Ill knock your bitch ass out. Racist white piece of shit using that word like it's a game. This site should learn a thing about Reddit and ban these racist ass posts

same thing that happens when you
-walk by them
-live near them
-live on a street they walk down
-go to a park they come across
-marry them
-help them

Get beaten, maybe murdered. If you are girl probably raped too. The order of those is probably random.


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>Ill knock your bitch ass out.
im 7 ft 1 and 375. ill eat you like an ogre

>like it's a game

you lose!

Easy bitch nigger... are you one of the few that hasn't been in jail?
Just because you see Niggers on TV doesn't mean everyone joined the "I love niggers" jew movement

Everyone is 7ft 1 and 375 on the internet.

In Canadian highschools/colleges they just go to their pack and prepare a beating/mugging, I'm not even kidding.

Monkey Niggers still cry when the cuffs click shut.. if only every time it happened they got sent BACK to Africa...

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I guess you hurt their feelings?

i used to train with halfthor bjornson before he got into acting. i threw him around like a rag doll

you mean everyone is a tough guy on the net eh?

>What are the consequences of calling a BLACK man the N word in real life?
i would get taken to jail and fined.
>wish i was burgerclap