Mfw it happened

>mfw it happened.

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You didn't hear?!

about what

Cyberpunk 2077 was first delayed and then cancelled in the space of 2 hrs, because of license issues

it's not canceled, nigger

What happened?

The bird

birb trap :3

OP discovered he is gay and also a nigger.


you talking about how she got to fuck Kate Mara and none of you sad fucks got a chance?

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kate mara is overrated and untalented. the only reason she got the roles she did is because her last name is mara

damn, i probably fapped on that scene every day for weeks when it came out!

u gay

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What's it from?

Post them.

My Days of Mercy
Good movie, not only for that lesbo scene. but if you just wanna fap on them, search youporn or something: it's worth a fap for sure

Thank you kind sir.

you are welcome.
Happy watching (or happy fapping, whatever...)

Daily reminder gay sex doesn't exist, it's all LARPing.
Girls can't actually fuck girls and men can't actually fuck men.
You're either heterosexual or your brain malfunctioning.