Rate and wwyd thread

rate and wwyd thread

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Cute. Would get a handful of her hair and throat fuck her and then cum on her cute tits.

Here's mine.

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Fuck, you are a lucky guy!

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Gorgeous lingerie

9/10. Very hot

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Show them tits

Very nice any nudes?

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She's almost home, I can share this though. Yours is pretty hot too. Would love to swap for a night

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Please keep her coming

Would be down for that

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Thanks. Show her in lingerie


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I'd bend her over that sink, slap her ass, and stuff her pussy.


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Then what?

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Just grab her hips and fuck her hard until she cums and I nut in her, then force her to her knees to lick me clean. Keep em coming

Keep the wwyd coming

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Join this fun and awesome discord server now


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Fuck hot!

I would turn her around on her belly, pull the ass up and fuck her like a dog in her wet pussy.

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Hmm show her from behind so I can see how I can fuck her.

What else would you do? Have alot more

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Keep her coming


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Only as long as the good wwyds keep coming

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Nothing to see

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>walk in on my girl
>see this

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Good fuckmeat

Another for more wwyd

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Damn I would love to make her my obedient little slut and present her pussy like that whenever I wanted so I could fuck her raw all night

Wwyd to my gf

Send me pics. I’ll do a wwyd

Kik: d33jax

Kik me d33jax

im going to print this off and show it to everyone at work! wow! nice