How do murderers and perpetrators of other violent acts do it?

How do murderers and perpetrators of other violent acts do it?

Lots of soldiers and first responders get PTSD from seeing this kind of stuff. How can these people just brush it off?

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Because their brains don't work the same way as a normal human being, which is why they murder and commit other violent crime in the first place.

Their brain is broken

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Repressing the memories with drugs and alcohol.

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Benzodiazepines are great when you’re about to do grotesque shit because that will give you a blackout

Or maybe everybody else's brain is broken

Xannies will also make you cold blooded so that’s the prefect drug for the job and on top of that it will leave you with a blackout so that’s even better, no bad memories

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one part of the spectrum of it is the people realize that it is either their "duty" or "obligation" from soldiers to people who killed out of anger/fear.

Then there are the people that literally lack empathy, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, they simply do not respond as a normal person would. Theres been tons of studies showing the synapse reaction to traumatic stimuli and these people's brains wouldnt even "light up" when shown images that would stimulate a response from an perturbed person.


So reacting differently to some images makes you a bad person? Either way it doesn’t make you prone to commiting crimes


There's a lot of dynamics involving authority, torture and the practice of evil (Stanford Prison Experiment e.g.)

1. Some people believe it's their duty. Their position enables/empowers/encourages them to get tougher, more authoritarian, and able to exercise our inner shadow, the evil inside all of us. The difference is, we normal human being have moral compass. It makes us puke even, sometimes, seeing extreme acts of violence.

2. Then there's the sick person. They're just... lacking in morality whatsoever. I don't know if that would make them a monster per se, just a fucking robot in terms of differentiating bad from good.

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Abuse and trauma can rewire your brain. At first, your dad hitting your mom is shocking, but then it becomes normal. Over time you get used to it and violence becomes the norm. Some are smart enough to know that not following down the same path as their parents will yield better results.

Violence ain't the answer folks..

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It doesn't make you a bad person, it just means if you don't react normally, with empathy/fear, chances are high you have sociopathy. There are plenty of sociopaths/psychopaths with relatively normal lives that dont kill people lol.

I think its the sociopath vs psychopath argument

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Yeah but you made it sound that some people are programmed killers by birth.

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>There are plenty of sociopaths/psychopaths with relatively normal lives that dont kill people lol.

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Im pretty sure there are plenty of cold hearted sons of bitches out there that aren’t serial killers

Diagnosed Narcissist/Psychopath here,

We don't feel anything for anyone, so its easy to commit violence, lack of empathy/sympathy, we see other humans as tools to be used.

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Nope, wasnt an official diagnosis, the two psychs that evaluated me when trying to join the LASD both came to that conclusion so I was DQ from the process.

PTSD is the result of encouraging weakness.
Each generation is more and more weak, to the point where people are complaining about getting PTSD if their mail is late, or if a barista mis-pronounces their name in starbucks.

Hard sociopaths don't have the same wiring, they get anxious about shit that normal people don't get.

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A soldier kills because it's life or death for them. It's rare (though not unfounded) to find a soldier super pumped to kill. PTSD stems from being shot at or being involved in a hail of explosions, seeing loved ones die, and an overload of sensory details that are burned into their brains. That's why car horns and fireworks set them off.

People that kill because of an innate desire or passion for it aren't killing for survival or dealing with a barrage of major sensory overload events happening. They just have one target at a time that they usually prey upon.

Enjoyment vs Necessity

Damn, I'm actually talking to a real path/narc wtf lol. Seems so surreal... what do u feel ? srry im just curious

What is shellshock?

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Shut the fuck up with your pseudo science. PTSD is an inbuilt defense mechanicsm, its your brain adapting to threats and preventing yourself getting into those types of scenarios.

Imagine the type of person who fought in WWI or II.

These were not career military, they were just average joes.

Now image your everyday average joe presently and what an absolutely faggot disgrace they would seem to be to those older generations.

Now consider ancient greeks facing each other.

Steady regression in hardness. Humanities will argue something along the lines of more empathy = more better (but they still want to literally distroy western society and rebuild it their way).

no it isn't

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>Lots of soldiers and first responders get PTSD
Yeah, because they just milk the system trying to claim as many benefits as they can. PTSD didn't show up until WW1 where sustained combat, like for months, starts to wear down the person mentally. There's near 0 records of long-term PTSD in ancient times because their battles just lasted a couple hours (this doesn't count sieges bc those are different). Hell public executions were some of the most attended events of the middle ages and no one ran around talking about PTSD.

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A soldier and a first responder is wired just like the average person. They're empathetic. The reason they're doing what they are to begin with more often than not is to try and bring some good to the world.

The serial killer on the other hand is wired to feel immense pleasure from stalking, torturing, and killing their victims. They're psychopaths, from early childhood. They feel no empathy for anyone else, other people are just commodities to them.

Harvard please hire this man!

If you do something or see it enough, it becomes normal, no matter what it is. In the end you dont care anymore. Constant exposure does that.

Getting back from war or something effed up to normal society is when the problems start.

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Point out where I'm wrong you fucking retard.

Its a medical condition where a person endures a traumatic event. Where most people who aren't faggots just deal with the experience, the weak can't seem to fully absorb the experience,

Result being the amygdala doesn't properly "parse" observed reality into memories with associated sounds/smells. It's a defect, not a safety mechanism

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Its strange, i'm living a normal life, I have a wife and child, but I don't have the ability to care for them.

I been having an affair with a woman for 5 years and for 5 years I been lying to the both of them, using them for my pleasure.

When I first found out my wife was pregnant I quickly tried persuading her to get an abortion, all I could think about was that it was gonna be hard to get involved with other women being tied down by a child.

When I was a child I exhibited the behaviors, I had trouble fitting in and was often bullied and seen as an outsider, but being the way I am made everything bearable.

I'm not a dangerous kind of psycho, I still understand consequences to actions, so I do a good job keeping myself out of trouble....except for the rare times where I forget how to behave I ended up stabbed in my left arm and my first reaction was to laugh and smile at the guy..

What types of people to you think work at intelligence agencies? Softies? No. Cold blooded people who can “suicide” or chop you up into pieces. Just sayin’. The military hires all types of people though, but they program you to kill! What happens afterwards tho isn’t up to them.

Like when the doctor called you by your wrong pronouns.

do you really think there are 70 year olds on this board?

>What types of people to you think work at intelligence agencies
Mostly analysts and maybe the occasional former special forces dude for Special Activities Division to imbed themselves with tribal locals. Closest the average intelligence agent gets to combat is an embassy where they get the locals to do the spying for them.

You are incorrect but nice try. Traumatic events can require your brain permanently, it has nothing to do with your personality, again nice try with your redneck pseudo science, by the way try using Wikipedia next time atleast

a lot of them are phycopaths. also some of them do get ptsd or don't "just brush it off"

When you're raised around violence or by narcissist, it becomes really easy accept the temporary nature of life.

Nice try "doctor" but PTSD happens at a moment that is life threatening there is no escape from. "Pussies", lol.

Actually I'm 100% correct, try to at least browse through wikipedia before you "require" someone you fucking dumbass.

slows your reaction time too much

The point is that the individuals personality must fit the job description

Doesn't just being alive "require" your brain permanently ;D ???

so you agree that all the faggots claiming to have PTSD over trivial bullshit are indeed faggots?

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I have PTSD myself. Was diagnosed at 10. It can happen to anyone and it doesn't make them pussies. It just means they were overloaded badly.

so they were weak

I do believe it does require your brain permanently

No. You've just been fortunate enough to never experience what they have.

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Anybody not agreeing with this guy is a pussy, no matter the facts backing up the arguments.

>Person A suggests people are getting weaker and faggots are claiming PTSD for anything.


>You chose person B
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Humans adapt to threats because we are programmed to do so, it’s natural and because if that we are thankfully here. It’s simply in our DNA.

Kinda funny how you mock the people looking at all the facts that are out there
Fucking degenerate, study human evolution to begin with and you will atleast some human behavior more than your own chimp nature

If you're a legit doctor I hope you lose your license

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